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Bun Toons! A very odd version of YAY!

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small robin williams


I used to be the funniest person at the funeral.  You’ve never seen me be as funny as the day I did a forty minute stand-up routine about my first marriage breaking up.

Nowadays, comedy is a skill.

Ty The Guy.


One of the first BUN TOONS I did .



For last week's actually funny Bun Toon, click here.

For last week’s actually funny Bun Toon, click here.

Bun Toon archive ahead.  click here

Bun Toon archive ahead. click here

Temporary Delay Bun Toons! No Yay at all

bun toon under construction


Thanks to some unexpected computer trouble and an internet that has been down most of the day, I won’t be able to get a Bun Toon up today. Stay tuned–it will go up tomorrow morning.

Ty the Guy OUT


What?!? No Bun Toon?!? It can’t be!?!

Hey there fellow weblanders.  So sorry about no Bun Toon today, but it is a physical impossibility…as I am in beautiful downtown Moncton, New Brunswick, attending the East Coast Comics Expo, and having a great time, along with Marco Rudy, Kate Leth, Gisele Legace, Sandy Carruthers, Steve McNiven, and many wonderful Moncton Art People from McKenzie College of Art and Design (shout out to my marathon school session peeps!)

I am happily drawing Batman 66 pages in my hotel room and posting from a borrowed Netbook, upon which I cannot type.

I shall join you for your regularly scheduled Bun Toon when I get back to the Big Smoke from out east, don’cha know?

Ty the Guy,

Standing on the corner, of Bonnaccord and Main

Walking with my woman and watching the CN train.

I wonder where that train’s a going, only one way on that track,

Some rivers, they run forward, but Moncton’s it runs back.

You put your car in neutral,

It rolls up the hill,

in Moncton.

(to be continued…)

Toon In Tomorrow

I cannot Bun Toon right now, because today I am doing something I’ve NEVER DONE BEFORE in my life, and it’s taking up my day.

Tomorrow, I’ll let you all know about it.

It’s something most of you…I dare say…all of your…have never done either.

Ty the Guy

Post Surgery Blues (and greens and little pink ones)

I promised rainbow colours for the duration of the Olympics...

I promised rainbow colours for the duration of the Olympics…And I deliver…only YOU guys can’t see ‘em like I can.

For those who don’t know…I had surgery to get at some GIANT kidney stones this week…a kind of surgery that ladies CANNOT have done in quite the same manner, as it involved a REALLY long tube with lasers and robotic parts and OH MY GOD, you don’t want it described to you in any detail beyond that, really you don’t…

As a result, I’ve been alternating between blackout pain and drugs that even Snoop Dogg Lion would refer to as “disorienting” for the last few days.   I’m on the mend, but hardly fully mended yet.

See you guys next week…by which time all the plastic stents still stuck in me innards will be out on me outtards, and I’ll be walking upright without praying to ancient gods to carry me off to Valhalla.  I may even have the courage to pee without heroin involved.

Suddenly, I understand drug addiction, but I don’t see how you get much done.

Ty the Guy OUT

I haven’t yelped in agony in at least twenty minutes just now.  Yay for Saturday’s drugs!


I’m Not Rushing My Bun Toons

Hey folks.

I’ve written it, but I don’t want to draw it in a hurry, and I can’t get to it until I get a Batman page done (duty calls, etc.).  It’s an important Bun Toon, so I’m not rushing it.  I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Ty the G.

Easter Bun Toons! YAY!

Now it can be told!

Now it can be told!

It’s BUNNY DAY!  It’s BUNNY DAY!  The day rabbits RULE!

This holiday season, I’m finally answering the question that has dogged this annual springtime egg festival for centuries:  Why is Easter represented by a RABBIT?  Weeks and months of dedicated research has revealed the surprising…

easter websize



Do you think it was a CO-INCIDENCE that the Supreme Court was taking up the issue this week?  The Bunny is a close friend of Justice Sotomayor, and she pulled a few strings to get this sorted out for her fuzzy LGTBQ pal.

I’m off to spend the evening protesting the local Maybelline Cosmetics plant out here in Mississauga with the local PETA folks from my home town…join me if you’re out this way.  We could use the warm bodies.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Now, your BONUS Easter Comic Book Moments:

Because on Earth, eggs are normally hidden by rabbits, not by parents.

Because on Earth, eggs are normally hidden by rabbits, not by parents.

Ah, I can’t leave it at just that…

easter kelly 101easter kelly 140If you’ve never gotten your hands on an old Walt Kelly Mother Goose Holiday Special, you’ve never seen the glory that all-ages comics can attain.  These things are some of the most beautifully illustrated comics of ANY era…


easter link

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