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Monday February 27

Marvel Sets ‘Spider-Man’ Digital Comics One-Day Sale from The Fandom Post

Thursday March 1



Bun Toons Countdown 2011 – #3. YAY!

This entry into the Top Five is an odd one.  First, it had nothing to do with comic books (though eight out of the top ten Bun Toons did), second, it’s not funny, nor is it meant to be,  and finally, though I wrote it, it’s one of the few Bun Toons this year that I didn’t draw.  Jason Laudadio drew the piece, a wonderfully skilled artist from Toronto and WOW did he knock it out of the park!

It was posted the week that America retired their Space Shuttle program, and that country gave up on putting  human beings in space for the foreseeable future.  This Bun Toon was my comment on it.  A number of news sites following the story of the shuttle’s retirement picked up our contribution to the conversation and it went all viral, as the kids say.

It’s a nice feeling when you do a little heartfelt piece, just to keep the wheels of creativity greased, and tens of thousands of people end up reading it.

Again, round of applause for Jason Laudadio’s art on this story.  Go tell Jason you love him.

As I said before, the Prometheus Toon wasn’t about comic books, so I was very surprised it was popular, but I can never gauge what people out there are going to react to.



Checking in for the failure side of things is a Bun Toon I was really pleased with when I did it, and my buddy Dan Slott called me up afterwards to tell me it was the funniest one I’d ever drawn.   (I have to keep remembering that mentioning the now-world-famous Dan is name dropping nowadays!  HAH!)

Anyway, here’s one that amused me and Slott, but not that many other people.  It’s about the dying media of newspaper comic strips.   Too dead a target, I suppose.

As I child, I would have LOVED to see Wolf’s World in the paper.   Every day, they eat something new.  A cat, a dog, perhaps an orphan or one of their own, the possibilities are endless.

See you tomorrow with the #2 Bun Toon that turned my comments section into the hottest all-star hangout on the internet for a couple of days…that, AND the miserable failure that was my Bun Toons death scene.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Just dropping in…

I’ve been busy up the wazoo lately, finishing up some pages for a Simpsons issue and teaching at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop, and wrapping up the fixes of the fixes of the notes of the Bill Finger: Secret C0-Creator of Batman book, and playing with some Hoverboy ideas…and buying a new car to replace the one that died by the side of the road from last week (well, my wife did all that work, but I got to be consulted a few times.)  So I figured, after a flurry of activity, I’d have a couple of days of down time to put together a big blog entry about the ten weirdest comic book deaths,  best super-hero nipple slips, or the greatest inkers of all time….something fun that you guys deserve…

…When I was asked yesterday if I had time to do one of those DREAM gigs that you pinch yourself when it comes in.    I’ll promote it like a crazy monkey when I’m allowed to, but in the meantime, I have a couple of fourteen hour workdays ahead of me to make room for this new bit of fun.

Damn, I love my job sometimes.  Even if it pulls me away from my delightful blog for a day or two.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Give me a couple of days, and the super-hero nipple slips will get their due, I promise!

Good Lord!  Ty wasn’t kidding?!?  There are actual super-hero nipple slips?!?


Meaningless Trivia Contest with NO PRIZES!

For many years, Marvel comics used to give out “No-Prizes” for spotting mistakes in a published story, and then later, for offering SOLUTIONS to a mistake in a published story. A winner actually got NO prize (though sometimes, the office would send an empty envelope with no prize inside.)

So just for today, I’m bring the concept back.  A couple of days ago I accidentally discovered a piece of bizarre trivia while typing up some notes on a script I’m working on, and I’m curious to see if anyone else has ever discovered this odd trivia as well.

That’s the trivia up above.  The photo on the left and the image on the right.  If you know what I’m talking about, this image should be enough to figure it out.

First person to post what I’m talking about in the comments section gets NO PRIZE.  I’m simply curious to see if anyone else knows this odd fact but me.  Ya gots 48 hours.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now your bonus clue:

That either made it much easier to figure out, or it hopeless confused you.

Signal completely lost…

…so there was some sleepy and not-well man wandering around my house looking lost. I eventually tucked him back in bed, and solemnly swore that I would let his faithful followers know that Bun Toons will be up…but not until tomorrow.

Stay strong, Bun Toons Faithful, stay strong!

(Perhaps you could all gather in a room and play a nice game of Jenga while you wait.)


Signal Weak…

…but will soon strengthen.

After a long couple of weeks, Ty’s finding himself a little more buried under his workload than usual (especially after spending four days away in Montreal, two of those at the wonderful Montreal Comicon)…so he asked me to post a quickie message to say,

“Today’s Bun Toon is delayed–but will be up later today!”

Have faith, Faithful Bun Toon Readers…and maybe read some past Bun Toons to fill the void. (Personally, I recommend, “The Honest-to-God True Life Adventures of the Freelancer’s Wife”)


FAN EXPO CANADA 2011 begins today!!

Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, 4pm. Check the website for all the details…

The Toronto Cartoonists Workshop booth will be in the lobby by the escalators leading to the convention area. Copies of Holmes Incorporated #2  will be for sale, and HI2 creators will be at the booth throughout the weekend, available for signings, sketches and questions. Ty will be there on Sunday (time tba).

Art: Leonard Kirk. Colours: K. T. Smith

Ty will be sitting at P-O57A (look for UBISOFT…then look past Artists’ Alley to the wall, and there he’ll be).

From 5-6pm today, Ty and Rob Pincombe will be running the workshop, “MAKE YOUR OWN DARN COMIC! ASSEMBLING THE HOLMES INC. PROJECT” with other members of the HI2 creative team. In Room 717.

The convention ends at 9pm today–but there’s lots more to come all weekend long!

See you there,


Just a few of the comics Ty Templeton has work in...

LAST WEEK on the ‘net

wednesday july 27

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LAST WEEK on the ‘net


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