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Hugely Successful Bun Toons! YAY!

Finally....success and fortune are mine!

Finally….success and fortune are mine!




dead bunny websize version






I’m leaning ethnic, but I shouldn’t rule out handicapped or something in the GLBTQ territories…there’s big money in those emerging identities.

I know this will be considered a risky move for the future of this beloved web-toon–to carry on without the only continuing character in the strip….but I can’t exactly do alt-cover second printings with a foil wrap, can I?  I have to get in on the sweet, sweet green any way I can.

Don’t make me actually earn it.

Let us now have a moment of silence, for the little white rabbit, who has delighted us all for so long–Struck down in the prime of life, to fulfill his duties to the corporation.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Apparently, I’m not the first person to think of this…

I'm fairly certain it follows the same plot...hit by a bus, Spider-man arrives to comfort the dying, etc.

I’m fairly certain it follows the same plot…hit by a bus, Spider-man arrives to comfort the dying, etc.

Although this cover of the same book offers troubling details that derail my theory...

Although this alt cover of the same book offers troubling details that derail my theory…


For the last Bun Toon, published long before the beloved bunny had passed away...click here.

For the last Bun Toon, published  before the beloved bunny passed away…click here.

For the Bun Toon archive, so you can peruse the Bunny's adventures in life, and remember him as he was...click here

For the Bun Toon archive, so you can peruse the Bunny’s adventures in life, and remember him as he was…click here




Real Quick Bun Toons! YAY!

I'm late...I'm late...for a very deadline date...

I’m late…I’m late…for a very important date…

Whoops!  My new Batman series is on the stands, which means I haven’t got time to mess around!  I owe the office another issue yesterday.

But there’s always a speedy Bun Toon.


goodman on patrol

Buildings and other people take time.  Who has the spare minutes?

Ty the Guy OUT!


In other news...

In other news…

It’s been 75 years since Mr. Finger and Mr. Kane first created the Bat-Man in Detective Comics #27.  To celebrate that event, DC Comics is releasing a special commemorative edition with a reprint of that first story and a new story by some current creators…

qq6xqrscc29pqhiu6przThat in itself, is not that big a deal.  They do that every couple of years with their flagship characters…

But this time, something NEW happened.

Bill Finger got a cover credit for writing that story.  That’s never happened before.

Score one for Bill.

Thanks DC.

Is that the hint of a smile, Bill?

Is that the hint of a smile, Bill?


For the previous real quick Good-Man adventure, click here

For the previous real quick Good-Man adventure, click here

For last week's Bun Toon, pandering to movie goers and X-Men fans alike, click here

For last week’s Bun Toon, pandering to movie goers and X-Men fans alike, click here

the bun toon archive is one click away

the bun toon archive is one click away

Icky Personal Bun Toons! YAY!

Mark this under the category: Things you can't un-know about someone.

It’s only fun until someone loses an eye or something.



…aaand that’s why we can’t have good DC Comics film franchises.

If you’re not familiar with David S. Goyer, or his delightful take on comic fandom, DC characters or She-Hulk in specific, you can go here and breathe it all in like a fine bouquet.   Just remember while you’re reading it, that Mr. Goyer is in charge of the DC movie universe.

I hear the new X-Men picture is pretty good.

Ty the Guy OUT!


This is one of a handful of issues of She-Hulk I co-wrote with Dan Slott.  If we would have known what Mr. Goyer was doing with the issues after we worked on ‘em, we would have sat in Purell while plotting…




Why was I dressed like a Spider-Bunny last week?  There’s only one way to find out, true believers.

A link to the Bun Toon library of hundreds of other stories, most of which will not mention David Goyer or masturbation

A link to the Bun Toon library of hundreds of other stories, most of which will not mention David Goyer or masturbation



To The Batcave!!

Last Saturday, The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery hosted a release party for the first hardcover collection of Batman ’66 comics. There were cosplayers, friends and fans. Tyrone Biljian, Director of The Joe Shuster Awards, brought his collection of Batman ’66 memorabilia:

Tyrone with his collection

(photo by Steve Zmijak)


which is how I came to find myself sitting beside Shakespeare’s head:

(photo by Steve Zmijak)

(photo by Steve Zmijak)

Much thanks to Kevin Boyd, owner/manager of The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery,  for organizing and hosting this event.

(photo by Steve Zmijak)

(photo by Steve Zmijak)


Your bonus Batman ’66 Release Party footage! Comic Book Culture came to the event and filmed a video of the event, interviewing me and owner Kevin Boyd. Click the following to be taken to YouTube:


Comic Book Culture Featuring Ty Templeton



Na na na na…Batman and Ty Templeton!


The hardcover Batman ’66 Volume 1 is out TODAY at your Local Comic Book Store!! The Penguin issue I did is in there (written by Jeff Parker). (I think the Bookworm one, written by Tom Peyer will be in Volume 2 which I think comes out next month?) This was some of the most fun I’ve had working in comics (right up until my current gig, drawing a six issue Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet mini, written by Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman, with covers by the one and only Alex Ross).


I will be at a Release Party for the book THIS Saturday April 5 at The Comic Book Lounge + Gallery, 7-11pm. There will be copies of the book available and copies of the two issues I’ve done so far (#2 and #6).


I’ll have some of my artwork with me, some prints, and sharpened pencils and fresh markers so I can do sketches and sign books.


This is a party–so cosplayers are absolutely welcome! Pull out your Catwoman or Joker costume and join us!

The Comic Book Lounge + Gallery

587A College Street West 

Second Floor, Toronto

Saturday April 5 2014, 7 – 11 pm

(from The Lounge’s FB event page) “Put on your go-go boots and get ready to “Batusi” back to the Swingin’ 60s as DC Comics reimagines the classic Batman TV show! In this hardcover collecting issues #1-5 of the hit series, The Dynamic Duo takes on The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, The Mad Hatter, The Joker, and more of the world’s most colorful Bat-villains!

Please join us for a special bat-party at a special bat-time at the Comic Book Lounge (and our neighbours the Temple of Toys) with the one and only Ty Templeton!

On display will be original artwork from Batman ’66 #2 and #6. Ty Templeton will have his Batman ’66 print available and artwork is for sale!

Feel free to come dressed as your favourite hero or villain! Come and do the Batusi — we’ll have someone there who can teach you how! Neil Hefti’s swinging jazz on the stereo, and some Batman ’66 on the small screen!

Libations will be available for purchase. A tall glass of milk helps build strong bones and teeth in case you need to catch the Bat-rope in your teeth!”


Big Choice Bun Toons! YAY!

Changing shirts for the duration of the Olympics

Changing shirts for the duration of the Olympics

FISTFIGHT OF THE FORGOTTEN————————————————————————————————–

To be fair, Pete Best might not have made it to the Ed Sullivan performance, but he did make a couple of million dollars off his contribution to the Beatles’ Anthology albums, and he’s gotten to outlive a couple of his ex-band mates, so he wins in the end.

Bill Finger didn’t even get a Google Doodle on his birthday, so sigh.

Ty the Guy OUT!


Your Bonus Batman vs. the Beatles moments are fun-

First up:

batman 222

Behind this gorgeous Neal Adams cover is a story by Frank Robbins about Batman and Robin solving the mystery of Paul McCartney’s murder…using clues found on album covers.    Well…the murder of Saul Cartwright…I guess the editor wouldn’t let ‘em use the REAL Paul, as he wasn’t actually murdered.

batman and robin 13

This is a cover I did for Batman and Robin Adventures #13.  It came out around the same time as Beatles’ Anthology, so…

batman robin 13 interior

…the story revolved around Scarecrow using the Anthology broadcast to piggy back a fear frequency to America…we still weren’t allowed to use their real names, so I named Paul McCartney “Mike McGear” (an in-joke for Beatlesmaniacs, anyone know why?).

Basically, this Batman meets the Beatles thing has been going on for a while…


For last week's special tribute to Debra Jane Shelly click here

For last week’s special tribute to Debra Jane Shelly click here

For the Bun Toon that started all this Bill Finger attention last month, click here

For the Bun Toon that started all this Bill Finger attention last month, click here

For the Bun Toon Archive, click here

For the Bun Toon Archive, click here

Bun Toon #3 for 2013! YAY!

top five 2013 logo 3



We’re into the medal rounds now, former babies!  Bronze for EVERYONE!

Towards the middle of the summer, there was a bit of a kerfuffle about whether or not DC Comics wanted to let Batwoman get married.  The writers wanted her to, the editors didn’t…and when you add to the mix that Batmwoman was all lady-gay, and planning to marry a lady-gay Gotham City Cop, the story got all controversial-like.

Since DC Comics didn’t plan to publish the wedding issue… I had to step in.


Apparently, there was some kerfuffle about Ben Affleck as well.  Who can keep track of the internet’s Bat-Kerfuffles?  At least I’m here to solve everyone’s problems, and that’s what magical bunnies are for.


Our third LEAST popular Bun Toon was one I ran just a couple of weeks ago.  Ignore it again, I dare you!

north pole babylon websize


If you’re keeping score, that’s the SECOND time a holiday themed Bun Toon has spiked the big enchilada in the last twelve months. (Easter didn’t work either.)  Failure used to be restricted to the continuing story of The Contessa Von Shoenfeld, or True Dentistry Stories, but this year, I couldn’t scare up an audience on the vacation days.    Perhaps family truly IS more important than snarky interenet rabbits.


Since this finishing-nearly-last X-Mas Bun Toon was a re-run from JUST last week for Buddha’s sake, I’m re-running my personal favorite BUN TOON from the Summer, simply because it’s my fave, and it  didn’t make the top five (just barely).  So I get to do it again in this year end retrospective because…well.



Mike emailed me a couple of days after this ran to thank me for “saving his life”, even if it ruined his big finish.

See you tomorrow for the ALMOST most popular Bun Toon and the REALLY NOT VERY popular Bun Toons at….NUMBER TWO!!

Ty the Guy OUT! 


Bun Toon #4 of 2013! YAY!

top five 2013 logo number four

Number #4!

Everyone knows that first is gold, second is silver, and third is bronze, but how many knew that fourth was Coca-Cola?  It’s why athletes refuse the prize because all that corn syrup is bad for a body in training.

We continue our annual look back at the triumphs and failures of Bun Toon with an entry celebrating the 75th anniversary of ACTION COMICS #1 and comicdom’s greatest, non-flying, Golden Age, female, DC character who isn’t Ma Hunkle.  Screw Clark and Superman, they get all the media attention…this is…

lois in four panels websize

I still have a crush on Margot Kidder, Teri Hatcher, Phyllis Coates, and Erica Durance.  Noel Neill looked too much like Lucille Ball for my tastes, and as far as I know, there haven’t been any other Lois Lanes except in the cartoons and funny books.


As I just said, it doesn’t matter the name of the actor playing the character of Lois Lane, I love ‘em all.

Actors, and stage names, was the subject of the following ALL-TRUE-TALE of the Bunny, but it scored nary a blip on the internet radar when I revealed this hidden moment from my life last fall.  If I had thrown Lois or Superman into the narrative, it would have been BIG, I tells ya BIG!

But then it wouldn’t have been TRUE.

working actor websize

I think this one didn’t do any traffic because I skimped on the title lettering.  Lesson learned:  Always use a Comicraft font for the titles.  People flock to good lettering.

I’ll see you here again tomorrow for the #3 most popular Bun Toon of 2013, and the third least successful entry, BOTH of which feature Superman, except for one of them.  (Well neither, really, but I understand marketing and you won’t come back if I say they were cartoons about lesbians.)

Ty The Guy OUT!

Pearl Handled Bun Toons! YAY!

Draw, partner.  That's what I do all day...

Draw, partner. That’s what I do all day…

Confession is good for the soul.  Every word of this is true, and it’s changed my family.

two gun mojo websize

I take no joy in telling you that the live action Jonah Hex movie was the biggest pile of crap Hollywood has ever produced.  I wanted to like it.

But hey, I still got about a hundred or so Jonah Hex comics yet to read, and there’s the new monthly title STILL coming out from The New 52 DC, I’m still in Jonah Hex heaven until further notice.

Ty the Guy OUT!

hex Justice League coverMy wife, who has a better memory than I do, reminded me that I had actually DRAWN Jonah Hex on the cover of a Justice League comic a number of years back.  Holy Hannah, she was right.  Now I’m sorry I sold the original artwork for this around the time the issue came out.  I’d like to own my own little contribution to the world of Jonah Hex…

But yuh cain’t spend yer days looking back on whut mighta been.  Leastways not with this here dead eye a’ mine.


You can ALWAYS look back on last week's Bun Toon by clicking here.  All true stories RULE!

You can ALWAYS look back on last week’s Bun Toon by clicking here. What’s in a Name?

More looking back - this time into the Bun Toons Archive, for the reading pleasure of all you cowboys and saloon gals.

More looking back – this time into the Bun Toons Archive, for the reading pleasure of all you cowboys and saloon gals.



Nick Cardy

nick cardyIf you’re a youngun, you might not know the career of Nick Cardy.  He was one of the very few Golden Agers comic artists still with us until this week, where he passed away at the age of 93.

Nick Cardy was a pillar of DC Comics during my childhood, and a great deal of my love of comics manifested itself while reading comics that he drew.  Especially comics he drew the covers of…

Speedy Teen TitansThis is a couple of pages from the first DC Comic I ever read: Teen Titans #6.  I probably knew who Batman was from the TV show, but I had this comic because Robin was in it.  I was five years old, and Robin and the Teen Titans were HUGE in my life when I was very little.  This sequence, where Speedy shoots at his friends while BLINDFOLDED was incredibly exciting when I was five.   I still own this comic. It’s missing its cover and some of the pages are scribbled on, but I’ve never lost it.

teen titans 14

This comic scared the HELL out of a year later.  Not only does Robin visit the GRAVES of his friends (complete with ghosts!), but for some bizarre reason, he takes off his costume and mask and spends half of the story in his underwear.  It’s such an odd sequence that it stuck in my head for years.

teen titans 16

Then THIS Titans vs. a Giant Book cover came out.  Again, I’m about six years old when I saw this, but something weird happened when I did….I think I understood the difference between a striking and clever composition and regular old comics right then and there.  Cardy was doing something outstanding here and I could recognize it.   Look at that cover, who could MISS it?  I still own my copy of this one, but it has the damn cover.  It’s actually in pretty good shape.  The little kid in me didn’t want that cover harmed in any way.

superman batgirl

In the 70s, when I was about twelve years old, I finally figured out I could subscribe to comic books and get them in the mail!  I think I subscribed to about twenty series, and constantly asked for subscriptions for birthdays and Christmases.  This issue of Superman (with that magnificent Cardy cover) was the first comic book that ever arrived in the mail at my house.  It was folded in half, which I didn’t like, but it was magical to get a new comic book or two at my front door about every other day.   Most of them had Cardy covers.

christmas with superheroes

Speaking of Christmas, long time readers of this blog know my affection for this particular comic book.  I put this Nick Cardy cover up online for all to see every Christmas, and the tradition will likely continue for years to come.   This image is as close to joy in a line drawing as my nostalgic brain can wish for.

girls loveNick Cardy covers were SO good, I bought Romance Comics and other icky girl titles if he did the cover.  I bought this at a convention when I was about fifteen, and my friend actually made fun of me.

batlash 2This gorgeous cover lured me into a lifetime love of Bat Lash.  And he SAVED the West.  Trust me.  Cardy did the interiors on this series and I gobbled up every one.

At this point, I’m going to be quiet, and let you enjoy a treasury of the man’s work.  93 years old is a great run at this planet, and he left us SO much gorgeous comic art.  I envy you folks if you’re seeing any of it for the first time.

action 418

action teeth

aquaman 37 aquaman 50

batlash 4

girls romance love 70

superboy 186 superboy 189

witching hour 4

Thanks Nick.  You were an intimidating inspiration to this aspiring artist when I was growing up.  Every cover I ever draw, I’m conscious of wishing it was half as good as your stuff.

Ty the Guy OUT!

This issue of Teen Titans:

neal titans with nick


…was an impossible dream when I was a kid.  Neal Adams wrote the script, and did the layouts and Nick Cardy did the finished art.  Two of my favourite DC artists of all time, working together on the favourite series of my youth.

I own a couple of pages of the original artwork from this issue, given to me (because of a story too long to tell here) by the very generous Neal Adams.  So there’s a little Nick Cardy in my house this very moment, and there always will be.

And then there’s this:

booster 21The very first comic series I worked on professionally for DC featured the aliens introduced in (and not seen since) that issue of Teen Titans by Adams and Cardy.

Cool, huh?