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Waking Up and Drawing

Too busy for anything but WorkWorkWork but I wanted to show off what I did for WAKE UP AND DRAW. So I’m going to write this Hemingway style.

Last week for WAKE UP AND DRAW, I woke up and drew. On the wrong sheet of paper.

Here’s my drawing:

small file wake up kirby demon 2013

Then I drew again on the official Hero Initiative page.

Here’s my drawing:

kirby demon 2013 bI was at FanExpo 2013 two weeks ago and gave a lecture on HOW TO PLOT YOUR STORY IN AN HOUR. Matt, of The Broken Couch, recorded it and put it up on YouTube.

Here’s a link to the video:

FireShot Screen Capture #030 - 'FanExpo 2013_ Ty Templeton's How To Plot Any Story In Under An Hour - YouTube' - www_youtube_com_watch_v=ZgnUp_L22lE&feature=c4-overview&list=UUWfdfOe3bbct4aOozdcLe-A

My WRITING FOR COMICS PART ONE workshop starts next week (I think there’s one space left, so let us know asap if you want it!). Click HERE to read about the class and the other two I will be teaching this fall, DRAWING THE HUMAN FIGURE FROM YOUR HEAD, and COMIC BOOK BOOTCAMP PART ONE.

Today’s Bonus Hemingway Moment:



It’s from artist Tom Gauld, but I couldn’t find a link to it on his own site so go check out his Tumblr  YOU’RE ALL JUST JEALOUS OF MY JETPACK.*

Sticky Bun Toons?

Ooh, look at the big shot, so BUSY with work.

Ooh, look at the big shot, so BUSY with work.

I’m in the “so-late-with-my-latest-Marvel-project” zone that the clocks do nothing but terrify me, and have to spend the weekend catching up….(I want to have a job next month, you know.)

So…the Bun Toon had to be drawn in Stick Figure form this week, just to save time.

stick figure webcomic b

Of course, with the idea being that this was supposed to SAVE me time, the Jack Kirby and Frank Miller mock-ups took me EXACTLY as long as most Bun Toons do….sigh.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Of course, your Bonus Moment is the greatest Stick Figure Comic of all time:

Larry Marder's Beanworld has been flying the Stick Figure Freak Flag since the 80s!

Larry Marder’s Beanworld has been flying the Stick Figure Freak Flag since the 80s!


For last week's Bun Toon,  click the plump, fully rendered family of rabbits above. (PS:  It involves a free cartoon I wrote!!!)

For last week’s Bun Toon, click the plump, fully rendered family of rabbits above. (PS: It involves a free animated cartoon I wrote that you can watch here at Bun Toons Central!!!)

For The Bun Toon Archive, click the happy singing pastry.

For The Bun Toon Archive, click the happy singing pastry.

Memory Tricks Bun Toons! What?

Again?  I did one of these yesterday?

Again? I did one of these yesterday?

Didja read yesterday’s Bun Toon?  Didja?

It’s up there as a link to yesterday.  Read that and then come back and read this:

memory tricks websize coloursEnhanced Honesty Plus.  It’s not just for American Media any more.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Your Bonus Moment isn’t a happy one… A Bun Toon from a little over a year ago…

neighbourhood watchmen


For last week's haunting Bun Toon (co-created with the wife!), click here

For last week’s haunting Bun Toon (co-created with the wife!), click here

For the Archive (Yes, it needs updating!) click here.

For the Archive (Yes, it needs updating!) click here.

Building to the Point Bun Toons! YAY!

Yes, yes...read this Bun Toon....ALL part of my plan.

Yes, yes…read this Bun Toon….ALL part of my plan.

This weekend’s Bun Toon is a sequel of sorts, and more or less requires that you fine fellows and gals read this ol’ adventure first, then come back tomorrow for the mind-numbing part two.

It’s a Bun Toon from last year, around San Diego Convention time.

san-diego-memories-websizeI’ll see you all here back tomorrow for the SHOCKING sequel to this adventure.

Thrilling!  Surprising!  Exciting!

Templeton says, “Don’t Ask! Just Buy It!”

Ty the Guy OUT!

Bonus moment?  You want a Bonus Moment?  This entire POST is the bonus moment.  You get your Bun Toon tomorrow, you ravenous animals!

Woke up and Drew for the King and for HERO

Jack Kirby, controlling the universe with a pencil.

Back on August 28 (Kirby’s Birthday, and inter-galactic holiday) the fine and dandy folks at Hero Initiative worked with Kirby’s family to make the day about raising money to support comics creators in need. Hero asked artists to “wake up and draw” something to do with Jolly Jack, as a birthday card to the King, and as a piece of quickie artwork that can be auctioned off to raise funds for those creators who need Hero Initiative’s help.

I love to throw my two cents into Hero Initiative whenever I can–and when I heard about the campaign, I jumped in with a Kirby drawing of my own.

Here’s my woke-up-and-drew sketch of Bashful Ben sucking back on his beloved cheroot…’cause if you’re paying tribute to Jack, it should at least smell like Cuba’s on fire.

click here to be taken to the auction

The blurry-eyed morning doodle is up for auction on Comicartfans. There are lots and lots of other sketches by lots of wonderful generous creators who rolled out of bed and drew before they’d even properly woken up! Check ‘em all out! The bidding ends on Wednesday October 16. Give money to Hero Inititiave and take home a piece of art drawn by one of us in our underwear before our morning coffee.

Ty the Guy OUT!

And here’s your BONUS Kirby Sketch Moment:

The rarely seen Jack Kirby sketch of what Doctor Doom REALLY looked like under the mask. Stan had other ideas, but Jack believed it was a really teeny scar.


This week’s award-wishing BUN TOONS featured Mr. Kirby, and some flash in the pan painter from Europe. Click here to read it.

Thankful Bun Toons! (Featuring Jack Kirby!) YAY!

It’s Thanksgiving Sunday in Canada. We do it first, and we do it best.

Today is the day we sit back and give thanks whilst devouring birds and hogs across this fine land (or steamed legumes for our less fortunate, vegetarian brothers and sisters).

It’s not celebrating a past dinner with local natives, or  Canada or anything in particular, but it allows us all to take a moment and be thankful for things.  Me, I’m thankful for art – from the defining genius and courage of Picasso, to the instinctive genius of Jack Kirby, I thank the universe for it all the art it sends my way.

And that got me thinking.  Who was the true KING ARTIST of the long-gone  20th Century?   I can’t decide between Kirby and Picasso, and today we get to hear what they thought of EACH OTHER.

This special Bun Toon is comprised entirely of actual quotations found in different interviews with both Jack Kirby and Pablo Picasso, when the subject of their counterpart came up in the conversation.

I’m also thankful for modern medicine and Big Bird, no matter what his ultimate fate may be.   But I only have time to Bun Toon about one of my favourite things.

Ty the Guy OUT!

And now, your TWO (2) AMAZING Kirby/Picasso BONUS moments:


Because the internet has one of everything on it.

The above Picasso/Thor image came from here.  Go look, there’s a ton more super-hero Picasso works over there.



Panel six is where Lucy pulls the football away.  Click on it to enlarge.

(And hey, if anyone wants to re-post The Bun Toon above, do me a favour, and link back here instead of just posting the full toon…the joke needs the prose  intro to set up the joke properly.  


Saving-my punchline-Ty!)


For last week’s Swiftian Satire Bun Toon, click here.

For Every Bun Toon Ever (though I think the last couple of links need putting up) click the lazy rabbit above

Happy 95th Birthday King Kirby

In tribute to the late King of Comics on his birthday, it’s been suggested that those of us who followed in  his footsteps wake up and draw our favourite Kirby Karacter, and donate the sketch to HERO INITIATIVE‘s KIRBY4HEROES campaign.

I’ve never worked on the Fantastic Four, but I DID get to do a few issues of Spider-Man that featured Ben Grimm, and discovered how much I love drawing the blue-eyed idol of millions.   And since it’s a sketch, not appearing in an actual Marvel Comic, I get to give Bashful Benjy back his beloved cheroot.

He still doesn’t seem happy, though.  I think it’s because I was still sleepy…

We love you, Jack.  There’s no possible way to ever give back to the Kirby family the way Jack gave to us, but it’s our duty to at least try on his 95th birthday.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Kirby Karacter Sketch:

My favourite Kirby COSTUME to draw is still Big Barda.  A million years ago, before the Earth fully cooled, Barda was a member of the Justice League when I was pencilling that series in the early 90s, and I discovered how PERFECTLY designed that outfit was to draw from any angle, at any size, and it still held together.

Even a goofball like me could draw the Former Female Fury and keep it recognizable with that iconic ensemble.  I think she stole that hat from Galactus, and drank his milkshake while she was at it.