slowly but surely…

Ty reports to me that he loves the new scanner and that it actually works.  We have a running joke (well–it’s funny to Ty!) that I have the worst luck buying electronics and it’s always something that breaks, doesn’t do what it should, is the most inept design ever, etc.  I gave birth four times–why do I have to do anything else?  And to be fair–I only bought two of the five scanners piled up in our garage.  Okay, one of them Ty bought because I told him to.  He didn’t have to listen, did he?

But the Brother scanner works.  Scans 11″ x 17″ pages in under a minute…an instant improvement over the letter-size scanners, where we had to scan the pages in three sections, then stitch them together in PhotoShop.

This means that Ty is slowly but surely starting to scan pages.  He’s made a pile of pages he thinks he’s probably, maybe, potentially, perhaps willing to part with.  I’m going to start just as slowly but surely putting them up on the site.  I’m still poking away trying to figure all this out, so forgive me as the look may change daily, if not even hourly.  At the moment, if you click on a thumbnail, you’ll be able to see a bigger image.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us,, or leave comments and one of us will answer.

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