If you look above, at that cleverly designed banner at the top of the page, you’ll notice the little bunny to the left.  That’s me.  It has been for decades now.  It’s really so I can do a “self portrait” and not have to make it look anything like me…I’m simply always the bunny in the story, no questions.  If there ARE questions, I usually tell people it’s because I played Harvey in a high school stage production of the famous play about the giant rabbit (I played the actual rabbit, not Elwood P. Dowd), and that often satisfies the curious…clearly folks who ain’t seen the play.

At any rate, over the years I’ve done a series of autobiographical stories, often called “HONEST TO GOD TRUE LIFE ADVENTURES”, for various publications, and since they’ve never been collected, I thought I’d run some of them here, and share them with the untold dozens of readers who frequent this page.   Here’s the first installment, one that used to hang up in my editor’s office at DC.

Ty the Guy

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