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Many years ago, back when Ty and I were first living together, we went on a trip to New York that was to be capped off by our first convention together.  A chance to see Ty in his environment, in his element, with his peeps.  Heh.

My first sign of trouble was that Ty had never heard of the con before, “Odyssey Trek–what the heck kind of a name is that?”  The second sign of trouble was in the hotel lobby, “Honey,” I asked in a slightly confused voice, “Why is there a Klingon baby in a stroller?”.  Yep.  He’d been invited to a Star Trek convention.  Star Trek–not Star Trek comics, Star Trek.  Turns out one of the organizers was a huge Ty Templeton fan and really didn’t care that the rest of the committee apparently couldn’t see the point of inviting Ty–he wanted to meet Ty, so by God, he invited Ty.

It was a long weekend.

To be fair, Ty loves Star Trek and happily counts himself as a Trekkie (and defiantly so–won’t use the term “Trekker” and mocks those who do).  He was thrilled speechless to write a Star Trek mini last year.  But back then–

It was a long weekend.

I was threatened by the Klingon bodyguards when I tried to stand near Ty at a signing table–turns out he was beside Gowron, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire.  I believe I threatened to emasculate a few of them.

It was a long weekend.



3 responses to “Bunny Funny

  1. Walter Dickinson


    These are great. If you have more please post them.
    They should start having awards for the wives of the artists in comics. With this story I think you would win hands down.



  2. Yeah, but doing a comic panel about cons that mis-invite you is only going to encourage them, Keiren.

    So did I tell you the one about the old science fiction fan who was telling young neos about a con?

    “I walked down the hall, when suddenly, out of the door walked two filkers. I backed away, and then behind me were two more filkers. I had nowhere to turn.”

    The neos giggled, and their leader said, “I think you might want to explain that a filker is a science fiction folksinger.”

    “That’s true,” said the old fan, “but these filkers were furries!”

    • I didn’t mind the “mis-invitation” so much–it was the promised per diem that never came to be… Ty had expected to sell lots of pages as well but sold not a one–it was completely and utterly a Star Trek convention. We heard that in later years it became more of a Sci-Fi/Fantasy con: Lisa Ryder did it when she was on Forever Knight (the Canadian vampire cop show).

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