A Suggestion not a Challenge…

So back in October, Ty wrote a blog entry about the Phantom card he’d drawn for a Moonstone card series…kinda went like this:

“Here’s an “Artist’s Sketch Card” I drew for the upcoming Moonstone card series.   This isn’t art meant to be reduced onto a card and printed many times…this is a teeny weeny itty drawing on a blank card.  The dimensions are two and a half inches by three and a half inches.  And here’s what’s wrong with me…when I look at it, I think I could have gotten more detail into the face if I’d had a smaller ink brush and better glasses.

Let us all say it together:  Oy!

Anyway…this original is going to be a surprise for someone buying some of the upcoming Moonstone Card series.  So, check your packs for this Phantom sketch card, and don’t be too disappointed when it’s in black and white, cause it’s an original.”

and then Ty wrote:


Ah…they probably will.

Ty the Guy”

So this was the card in question:

zz phantom card ty templeton

and here was my response to Ty’s comment

“(heh…Ty’s cynicism comes from the number of times after conventions, he’s gone ego-googling to see if anyone has said anything about the workshops he does at cons, and he discovers that someone, sometimes someones, is eBaying one of Ty’s free convention sketches–even one Ty has personalized in his signing.  Ty is completely resistant to the idea of charging for convention sketches–he even lectures his bootcampers about this ideal, feeling this is something he owes to his fans.  But the eBay listings make him pretty cranky.)”

and here is, yes you guessed it:  the eBay listing for the card.

2 responses to “A Suggestion not a Challenge…

  1. Awful that they have no appreciation of the great piece of art they received. A pencil sketch of Mister Miracle that you drew in 1990 at the old Collage store in Guelph hangs proudly on the wall in my comic room. Sorry that there are jerks like this that pull stuff like this, but don’t worry, there are still some of us that appreciate the efforts made in the con sketches you do!

  2. D:

    On the, ah, plus side… no bids!


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