Bunny Funnies!

Today’s Bunny Funny is dedicated to Scott Shaw!, with love and respect. (He’ll know why.)

This was produced back in the 90s for DC Comic’s Shop Talk, so I understand the references are a little dated (for instance, who uses “phones” anymore?), but there might be the shred of a the funny in there, especially for octogenarians such as myself….and reprinting old material here is sort of the point of the blog…because it requires no effort on my part, whatsoever.

Seventies pop star, Bob Segarini*, once said to me, ” Fame is the inability to shop,”  but he also told me that you can cook fish inside the engine of a moving car, so we don’t travel together anymore.  The point is, I’ve been in the comics industry for more than a decade at this point, working on big, big characters, creating first issues and gaining critical success, decent sales and even an industry award or two…but still I shop completely unpestered by the great unwashed.  How do I do it?  Well, follow these six simple instruction, and fame and fortune will always be just out of reach.  It’s easy and fun!

(*Bob Segarini)

For those who are keeping score, I did eventually participate in one of the last issues of Mad Magazine before it went the way of all flesh…sigh.  But I outlasted Bob Harras at Marvel, and actually went on to draw some Spider-Man stuff after this came out.  In fact, Bob Harras had this page up on the wall of his office for months after it came out, and was very good-natured about it when we met.  He never offered me work, though, so I succeeded at that!

Of course, Frank Miller has ACTUALLY become famous since this page came out, or at least as famous as Sin City and 300 could make you…but he didn’t become famous as a cartoonist, he had to jump to making crappy films.  Again, sigh.

And to the very famous and successful Scott Shaw!   You didn’t follow the instructions buddy, but you still pulled it off!  Congrats.

Ty the Guy.  Somewhere in the wilds of downtown Canada, watching the wife dig the car out of the snow, lazy bastard.

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One response to “Bunny Funnies!

  1. I’m proud to consider myself up there alongside the Titanic survivors. I bought all six issues of Mad Dog, it was very funny and I loved it, I remember being very disappointed you were only doing half the book. I was only just thinking about hunting them out for a read the other day.

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