Ty Bunny

…and I guess I can post this…

(Yes, that’s Ty. Nope–that’s not me.  I was too busy with children to go to the Hard Liquor and Porn Film Festival, that year.  Yep.  You did read that correctly. So strange that I can’t find a wikipedia entry for it!)



I would like to interject here, and point out that I ALWAYS wear a bunny suit to a formal party, and that the young woman trying to taste the costume was not a woman of low virtue, but, in fact, a nun who was on her day off.  The Hard Liquor and Porn Film Festivals are an annual event for filmmakers to show what they can do in the fields of porn and consumption.  I’ve acted in three films for the festival so far, but haven’t done a reel in a while.  I have a script for a short film called “Grocery Boy” that I’ve been dying to shoot, but never find the time.  Ah…to have an extra 24 hours in each day.

PS:  The Bunny Suit tastes like vanilla and lavender, I’m told.

Ty the Guy

I can’t remember–which child was I, in the hospital, giving birth to at the time?  Was it the twins?  Or the triplets.  All alone…


2 responses to “Ty Bunny

  1. We still love you Keiren. And won’t even ask you to lick any bunny suits.

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