Did you watch “Dexter: The Early Cuts”?

Ty has many ideas about this project, how he thinks it turned out, what he thinks of the animation technique, and how the episode itself lives up to the Dexter show (which Ty loves)…and he’s wondering what you think.  Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts on Dexter, Dexter: The Early Cuts, “Cindy Landon”, and motion comics.


One response to “Did you watch “Dexter: The Early Cuts”?

  1. Hey Ty–over all I liked the art in yours best, but all around I didn’t care for the animation at all. I’ve yet to be impressed by a motion comic, something about it just doesn’t work for me, but I enjoyed the stories w/o much more than a passing knowledge of Dexter and a squeamish stomach for this sort of thing. I imagine the show is a bit deeper than 3 similar revenge fantasies, but that’s the nature of webisodes I guess.

    In almost all cases I’d wished apart from a moving camera and layered art, that the images would stay perfectly still. Every time a mouth moved or a bird flapped I was taken out of it. I sort of wanted the layers to move but the figures to stay stationary. As motion comics go though, I’ve definitely seen worse animation direction. Those Astonishing X-Men hatchet jobs… yeesh.

    Great work though, something to be proud of. And 30,000 hits?? That’s like a mid-seller on the hot 100.

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