Can’t say how excited I am about this, Hover-gang.  This stunning collectible (worth it’s weight in double unobtainium)  JUST arrived in the mail.  It was sent in to me by fellow Bucket Brother, Mr. Richard Fader of Ft. Lee, New Jersey, who said he found two copies of this coloring book in a local Goodwill store (the copy he kept is in MUCH better condition, natch, but who could blame him?).  Oddly enough, the copyright date on the coloring book is 1988, which ASTOUNDS me, as I had previously believed that no Hoverboy product came out after collapse of the “Fists and Buckets”  cereal in 1985.

(For years, I thought the cereal box to the left was the last Hover-based product available in America–this was after Hoverboy co-creator Bob Stark’s 12 victim shooting spree at the Northview Mall in1982, which understandably caused the public to turn away from the Battlin’ Bucket character.   Perhaps I was wrong…this is all detailed in an earlier ArtLand post here.)

The coloring book itself is filled with page after page of what it promises on the cover.  Images of demons and monsters fighting, with Hoverboy floating to the side, passively watching.  Clearly the Hoverboy figures are drawn by a different artist in every image.

Oh, and for those who’ve never been, the Hoverboy Museum is a treasure trove of this stuff.  Be sure to visit the comic rack and the many incarnations of Hoverboy on TV and the movies while you’re there.  Or use the hyperlinks above you savvy hackers.

Ty the Guy

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