Here’s a story I wrote a year or so ago, with lovely artwork by “Comic Book Bootcamp” graduate Jason Laudadio, lettered by KT Smith.   It was originally slated to appear in the anthology SEX, VIOLENCE, SUFFERING AND WICKEDNESS COMICS, a title which was to feature the work of my former students…but which never came out…at least not yet.  So– you lucky legions of websurfing art seekers get to see it here, instead.




There are more of these mini-masterpieces, originally meant for the anthology, and you all can read more of them here, at the bootcamp alumni website, but you already knew that.   Don’t just SIT there–get on over and enjoy some excellent work from a horde/swarm/nest/colony of new talents.  Oh wait, you SHOULD just sit there, it only requires a mouse click.  Just let the atrophying joy of the inter-tubes wash over your fine, stringy muscles.

Ty the Guy

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