New Gig…

I don’t know if it was some sort of magical, mystical force swirling around the universe, but somehow with Ty doing so many entries about his work for Mad Magazine…the editor called on the first day of Ty’s planned “vacation” and offered him a job.  A really funny job which made Ty laugh a lot, so…he said yes.  Actually, I don’t think he knows how to say “no” when it comes to Mad Magazine (we don’t talk about the ’90s so don’t go there).

So, he’s just finished off the final dialogue version of his script for his Simpson’s story and that’s gone out…he’s designing a logo for Johnny Canuck, he’s working on his top-secret project involving some guy and a bucket, he’s still a father and a husband, he’s now working on a Mad assignment…but he’s still bubbling with ideas for a little original something for Art Land.  We even went to the art store to get him a new sketchbook which will only be for art for Art Land.

Stay tuned…re-runs for now, but new programming in the future.


(unpublished version of the art with Ty’s lettering. Printed version had alternate lettering)

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