Nepotism Thursday

Good lord, Nepotism Thursday falls on a Thursday this month.  Alert the coast guard!!

Years ago, Ty was approached by Brandon Kruse for an interesting project he was involved with.  Kruse had drawn some issues of Batman and Robin Adventures which Ty had written (issues 9, 12-16, 18-20, 22 and 23) so he was part of Ty’s work “family”.  The project involved doing covers and a couple of interior pages for a superhero character which would be used on a website for that character.

Ty, at the time, was up to his neck teaching at Max the Mutt Animation School, and thought of offering up some of his students to do the work.  For someone who will happily take the opportunity to write, draw, ink, colour and letter his own stuff, Ty actually loves to collaborate–and to pass work on to those he considers deserving. But Kruse was hoping to work more with Ty.

At the time, Ty was teaching our eldest how to ink, so he sent along some samples by Kellam (Templeton-Smith at the time, now using Templeton as his work name), and some colouring and lettering by me (and yes, I can spell when I letter–it’s just that we Canadians like to stick “u”s in our words for something to do–a favourite of ours which I know our neighbours to the south don’t even when they’re out and about.) The samples passed muster and the pages arrived…

All the pages were pencilled by Brandon Kruse. Ty and Kellam divided the inking evenly.  I coloured all but one of the pages (the cover for the trapped Crimson Arrow, as seen immediately above) and lettered ’em all. Ty came up with the aging techniques.

The project went by fairly quickly–but was revisited several times.  I had to make a few changes to the pages a couple of times; once because when the costume was created for the live-action video, a yellow stripe was added to the glove which hadn’t been in the original design.  And other changes came about because…well let’s just say that there used to be extra material on the top of the head of the character and leave it at that.  Basically–thank god for PhotoShop!

You can see how the finished work was used over at

The Crimson Arrow

(I didn’t do the lettering which is used on the opening home page for click-throughs.  That was in place of the dialogue lettering I had done.)

(And, for those of you who might be wondering and speculating…let’s just say that this project came well after Ty signed on as one of the three curators* of The Hoverboy Museum. )


*Ty and Rick Green both signed on to help original curator Marcus Moore who had been struggling valiantly for years to build the museum up.

TY HERE: Ten special bonus points for whomever can tell which two covers my son inked, and which two covers I inked.  ALSO:  I coloured one of ’em, and my wife coloured the other three…for THIRTY points, which cover was my colour work.  The clock is ticking, people.  And, as always, the points are redeemable as airmiles.  All winners will receive miles and miles of air, theirs to breathe for  years to come.   By the way, the things atop the Crimson Arrow’s head were, in fact, clearly actionable pointy bat-ears.  I’m not sure why the producers thought the bat-ears were originally acceptable, and I’ll look for one of the un-altered covers to put up in a bit…it was like a neon sign blinking “SUE US!  SUE US!  SUE US!”.   But the whole things was wonderful fun, and my son’s first professional inking paycheck.  So WOO HOO Nepotism Thursdays!

Ty the Guy

8 responses to “Nepotism Thursday

  1. My guesses: Kellam inked #19 and #24. Ty coloured #16.

    Nice work all around, regardless of whose hand did what!

  2. Wrong on almost almost all counts, Robert. You got one of the ones Kellam inked correct, and guessed wrong on the colours. But thanks for playing. Your consolation prize is two hundred water miles. Like air miles, only much much thicker and heavier.

  3. Well, Keiren said that Ty coloured 24, so I’ll go along with that. 24 also looks to be inked by Ty. The other inking assignments aren’t as apparent to me, but if Robert was right about selecting 19 as inked by Kellam, then I’ll go with 22 as also by Kellam and 16 by Ty.
    Thanks folks.

    • Keiren actually flatted 24, started rendering and decided that she’d lost the sense of the colouring. Part of the point of the project was making sure that it had a sense of being from a couple decades back–we didn’t know that when she first started colouring, and she did a lot of rendering on the robot on #16 that she had to tone down.

      • Did I say the above? It doesn’t sound like me…I usually mention things like Spider-ninjas and bread mold when I talk. I suspect it was Keiren making the above remark, masquerading as the local rabbit. Keiren did a lovely job all around, and it was far more a matter of getting things done in a timely manner that I pitched in on colour or inking at all. Sheesh! The modesty of my family while I brag about them.
        Ty the Actual Guy, outing his wife as we speak.

      • Oh, and Mike. Spot on with all the guesses. Yup, I inked up 16 and 24, while the beaming boy, Kellam did the other two. True fact here is I got jealous that he got to ink such cool images, that I begged to do one of them, and ended up doing two. I lifetime of miles worth of air is winging its way to you, unless it gets stopped at customs, as we simply can’t afford the bribery fees. Offer void where Global Warming applies.

      • Oh, and one last one, while I’m here, since no one is reading this…part of my point in asking people to guess was that it shouldn’t be obvious who was the twenty five year pro, and who was the twenty year OLD kid doing some inking. I mean, look at the brush control and the bold, but very accurate line work there. Not bad, not bad. I’d like to take credit, but he puts in the work himself, and gets better on his own every day. And da wife is getting to be better with colour than I am nowadays…so again sheesh.
        There done. Nepotism Thursday officially over. I think I’ll head over to Hoverboy friday to see what sh*t I can disturb over there.

      • Damnit! I forgot to give the appropriate code words.

        Bread mold.

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