Elongated Man pages

by Mike Parobeck are now in “Art to See”, Elongated Man–pencils by Mike Parobeck…except for page 16 of Issue 1, which is still available.

Ty’s pleased to see that people clearly remember Mike and his work with as much love as Ty does…we’ve had quite the response to Ty putting up these pages.  Ty doesn’t have a lot more Mike pages (maybe a dozen)…but he might put some more up in the future.


3 responses to “Elongated Man pages

  1. Timothy J Tobolski

    This entire series is in my permanent reference library. Some of my absolute favorite work from both you and Mike.

    • Thanks guys. Nice to see the Elongated Man fandom is still around. This was one of my favorite gigs when I was a youngster…and I promise, more Elongated Man and more Parobeck in the near future!

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