Newly scanned and going up…

Ty has an old baker’s rack in his studio (I think it’s seven feet high, with shelves maybe 8 inches apart?), filled with stacks of pages. Some of it is spillover from the light table, some of it is stuff he couldn’t figure out where to put it, some of it is the endless pile of drawings our youngest produced when she first figured out  a) how to draw; and b) that drawings of the family with the word “love” featuring somewhere would engender beaucoup de praise. And the rest of it…stacks of art.

Art is not just finished pages…Ty goes through quite a process when drawing a page. First there’s the thumbnails, then there’s blowing up the thumbnails by panel in order to sketch them; then there’s sketching each panel; then there’s the utter conviction that he’s lost the ability to draw and will never ever draw competently again so that a single figure in one panel could be drawn over and over and over again. Then, there’s the next day when he whips off a drawing of that single figure with almost no thought and, yep, he makes a valid point–it really is a better drawing (although, I keep pointing out, his “lousy, terrible drawing” is a lot of people’s “really, really good”. But, then he points out, he doesn’t settle for “just good enough”. Artistic integrity and perfectionism–really?  Are those traits really all that admirable?).

Anyway…you can see how the stacks of paper pile up.  Ty is not a hoarder, by any means, but he is a “not necessarily throwing it out in a hurry”er. When he finishes a job, he goes through his studio and starts tidying it up and trying to clear away the mess to clear the space for his next project. But he does tend to stacking much more than recycling (we have, for example, every Polaroid photo we ever took for reference shots…there’s some serious blackmail material in some of them. I’ve been warned that if I decide to be “cute” and post some of the funnier ones of Ty, that there are a few too many of me much funnier and much more embarrassing).

But somewhere in those stacks of pages are actual, finished pages. Ty pays little attention to those stacks unless there’s a convention and I’ve nagged him like crazy. Even then, it turns out that there are stacks he hasn’t been through in a very long time.

In the process of writing his March Marvel Madness posts, Ty has been searching those stacks trying to see what “lost” Marvel art he has lying around. Doing so, he has been surprised indeed to see what he’s “lost”–stuff he assumed was long sold has been lying just within his reach for the last decade!

So, today, he’s scanned one of his Unseen March Marvel Madness video box covers (some guy with these long, long blades coming out of the back of his hands–whoa, that’s gonna hurt). And…a  Spidey-Torch page with the webslinger webslinging. Once I have a second cup of coffee (Daylight Savings Time might kill me–thank god it’s March Break and I can sit around in a bathrobe for hours and hours), I’ll get those up…as well as the two DC pages he scanned (Hawkman! Superfriends!).


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