Another mental puzzler for the gang at ART LAND.  Can you get the bunny from the world of sadness and suffering, towards the funniest issue of Mad Magazine for sale this month?  According to people in the know, #503 is “much funnier than anything every written by Herman Mellville”, which is impressive, I’d say.  I laughed my ass off for the last half of Moby Dick.  “From Hell’s heart I spit at thee…”  Funny stuff.

Solution below:

The solution is:  Do ANYTHING to get one.  Break down walls, run over the lines, I’m fine if you cause a complete breakdown of the social order, just GET ONE!!

And now, this:

This was a photograph taken at the recent GBLT Mardi Gras celebrations in Australia.  There’s something wonderful about the idea of a Mardi Gras that restricts itself to the only the most outrageous and flamboyant members of society.  And of course, you end up with a photo like the one above.  The gorgeous redhead in the center of the Wonder Women is my friend Elise, Queen of the Harley Quinn cosplayers for not just Australia, but perhaps the English speaking world.  She put this photo up on her website, and I just stole it without permission because it reminds me of dreams I had all through puberty.  ‘Ta, Elise.  (Note:  The Wonder Women, at least one of whom I suspect is a dude, are not my favorite part of this image.  Check out the Robin to the left, munching down on chips.  Live like you wanna live, brother!)

More Unseen Superman later today…

Ty the Guy


  1. Ty, you’re the cutest. Thanks heaps for the shout-out. If you ever make it down here Mardi Gras time, we’ll totally have to deck you out and get you to march. Maybe in a Batman cowl and nothing else? ;D

    • Hooray for Princess Bee!
      Ty, from the U.K and the rest of the English speaking world. You really ROCK! 😀

  2. The Emperor’s New Batman Costume. I love it. Well, that’s the OTHER dream I had all through puberty, marching through the streets of town with just the bat-mask on. To think it would cost only a plane ticket across the planet, and a night in a police station. A man must keep the dreams alive.
    It’s been a while since the Batman Cowl Club was active, but I did get two new recruits a couple of years ago. At this rate, within fifty years, we’ll have an army.

  3. Oh no, Ty the Guy – at Mardi Gras, public nudity is given a free pass for the night! XD

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