MORE SUPERMAN. MORE JERRY. Because I have my finger on the PULSE of America.

Just so we’re perfectly clear, here.  When I posted some of this stuff yesterday, it was because I found some fun Jerry Seinfeld meets Superman artwork I did, and not because I’m contributing to the piling on for THE MARRIAGE REF TV show.  Oh, it’s a dumb show…I’ll give you that.  But the Larry David/Madonna/Ricky Gervais show made me laugh, but I’ll bet if you put those three in a room to discuss butter, it would make me laugh.

All right, groveling apology aside (in case my close friend Jerry Seinfeld is reading this), here’s more of the fun project I did for American Express a few years ago.  I dig through the pile, I find more things.  These were postcards of Jerry and Pal, Superman, cavorting about town like two bachelors who own dogs.  And sometimes getting a little tipsy together.  I have a set of these postcards, only I’m not sure where you’re supposed to send them FROM.  If you have a postcard of Italy, you send it from Italy. Click on the images to make them bigger.

The primary reason I was asked to do this, I think, is because I used to ink a lot of the Silver Age Superman guys towards the end of their runs, and Jerry Seinfeld had a very Silver Age Superman in mind when he conceived the promotion.  At least someone did.  I recall being asked specifically to draw it like Curt Swan, or at least like I was doing a Sixties or Seventies version of Superman.  There’s other fun doo-dads and things from this project.  A phony issue of the Daily Planet, if I recall, and some long form commercials I had a small hand in.  I’ll keep digging, and when I strike something other than old sandwiches, I come running to the scanner!  Well, when I’m not drawing this month’s comic books.  Which I should get back to doing, right now!

Ty the Guy

PS:  Robert Klarer had some interesting things to say about the Kirby lawsuit a few feet down this page in the comments section of that entry.  Go check it out.


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