Yes, I know DC has ceased publishing them, but a man can dream, can’t he?  There was so much MORE to mine from the Elseworld’s vein.  If they ever come back, I’m ready…

That’s it for this week.   We should be doing this EVERY weekend for the next while, come on back and collect them ALL!

Ty the Guy


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  1. Thanks Ty. As always, you are far too generous with your time and talents. But don’t let me swell your head; start working on next week’s installments instead.
    One can never have too many Elseworlds, so keep digging.
    By the way, how did you produce these drawings? Is everything done on the computer?

  2. I lettered ’em on the computer, and I coloured the Batman one on the computer, but everything else is regular, lines on paper. (The caveman strip is even…shudder….toned with olde tyme magic markers!)

  3. That’s good news. Posterity is now better served and I can look forward to maybe seeing the paper versions at a show some day!

  4. The t-shirt bit killed me!

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  6. Batman as a T-shirt is one of the most innovative story premises I’ve heard of in ages! I would love to see that actually happen, believe it or not.

    • Given the choice of believing or not, I’m taking “not”.
      But it’d be fun for eight pages or so. Imagine slipping yourself over the bad guys while they’re sleeping and literally “going under cover!”

      • I didn’t mean I’d go for an ongoing title. But I think an “Elseworlds” one-off could be amusing. Just picture erstwhile Alfred having to explain why he’s transporting a Batman T-shirt amongst Gotham’s elite! It certainly interests me more than, say, getting rid of Bruce Wayne and replacing him with an underling. 😉

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