BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve been made an “Editor Em-hare-itus” at DC.

Now it can be revealed.

I’ve been keeping this particular

I'm leaving this one as it is. You don't mess with perfection.

news under wraps for the last few weeks, while we ironed out the specifics, but now that it’s finally April 1st, I can announce that I’ve been offered (and have happily accepted) a job editing a new line of comics for DC called “The Hare Line”.

I hope the whole thing isn’t an elaborate joke about me being bald.  But I’ve looked at the contracts and it seems legit.

It’s a line of comics for kids that feature FUNNY ANIMALS as the lead characters, in an attempt to get readers into comics at the age of five or six, when they tend to be wary of stories about actual human beings.

Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. Now a GLBT character, in an attempt to teach tolerance.

Super-Rabbit will be traveling the world, learning to tolerate the locals and their odd religious beliefs.

As a lifelong DC fanatic who has spent much of his freelance career there, and a huge fan of some of their more prominent funny animal characters, I think this is going to be my most fun gig in years.    I’ve been given quite a bit of free reign to create new characters and revive old ones, and I’m looking for strong ideas as I settle into the job.  It’s more than just a chance to launch new DC titles, this is a chance to shape young minds, and teach life lessons in each title.  Perhaps making a gay friendly rabbit book, or a comic that teaches vegetarianism as a legitimate lifestyle choice.

Submitted by a fan, our first "BAT-HARE" pitch isn't doing it for me.

As I said,  I’m looking for input from regular readers of this blog to help me choose who I should go with for the first wave of books.  I’m leaning towards a line-up featuring HOPPY THE SIMPLY MARVELOUS BUNNY, CAPTAIN CARROT, SUPER-RABBIT: The TOLERATING FRIEND, and some sort of Bat-Hare title, but I haven’t “found” it yet.

Oh, and I’ll spend a couple of dollars suing THUNDER BUNNY out of existence.  I know it hasn’t been published in years, but it skirted so close to the trademarks on HOPPY, THE MARVEL BUNNY, that I’ve wanted to put it to THUNDER BUNNY creator,  Martin Greim since I first saw the title back in the Eighties.

I'm digging up this long dead series and putting a stop to it, once and for all.

Can’t wait to get started…I’ll keep you posted as we settle on the first wave of titles!  I certainly hope this editor-ship lasts longer than just the 1st of April.

Ty the Guy


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7 responses to “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve been made an “Editor Em-hare-itus” at DC.

  1. A classic example of a story that would be awesome if it were true. a new captain carrot series for kids would kick massive amounts of ass.

  2. Congratulations, Ty! You’re the perfect guy to massage the new Hare line into condition. I’m sure many of your fans will be getting themselves worked up into a lather over the great new books to come. Brush aside the flakes that might appear as you comb through any negative comments. Should there be a falling out with any of your new creative teams I know some folks that would make some great plugs for a receding talent pool.

  3. Hi Ty
    Congratulations, I think you are the right guy for that characters. And I love the Captain Carrot character too, and hope can read new books of him and others characters.

  4. Always thought he needed his own comic series…

    • Holy COW! (Literally!) It’s a pro-vegetarian rabbit character I can use for my “line of comics”. Thanks Eden! Actually, let me take a moment to personally thank you for the video not being a Rick Roll.

  5. gorillamydreamz

    After you’re done suing Thunder Bunny out of existence, I shall sue DC for infringing on my “Dust Bunny”… as soon as I find a character like that to sue over.

    Super Turtle is kind of close, although since he isn’t a rabbit nor does he have dust powers, it may be a hard sell for my legal team.

    I hope and pray your editorial reign lasts longer than one day.

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