When last we left the heroic crew of the Sinister Spacecraft, they had lost their MP3 player and one of their beloved Space Cows to the Specter of Death.   We rejoin Stavros and Lana as they relax at home, trying to get over the recent trauma.



That’s it for today.  You’ll have to scroll down for the Kick Ass creators column that all you kids seem to love.

And click HERE for more chapters of the Sinister Spacecraft.

Ty the Guy


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  1. Damn, I hate it when the next week previews give away the plot!


  2. You figured out the plot for next week? Let me know, it will save me writing it!

  3. a la Joe Pesci:

    Okay, okay, okokok!
    Ya ready? Arright, listen. . . .
    So. Stavros pays for his subscription.

    There! What’s not to love?

    Amiright? Amiright?

    • Okay, I had this thing worked out with a sudden appearance of Jesus, and Buddah, who Jello wrestle, in a battle to determine the fate of Stavros’ soul. But your idea is good too.

  4. Don’t do it Stavros! They sell their mailing list!

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