Non Sequitur

So, it’s been a slow start to this week. Not sure how Thursday turned up quite so quickly.

In trying to get pages sorted and organized, Ty started piling piles of pages on top of other piles of piled pages…and some of those pages were pages we needed to send out to people. So…it’s been a slow week, and a long week! Lots of piles, lots of pages; but I think we’ve found the ones we were looking for and they’re going out today…

And, along the way, we found more–oh, so much more. We’re in the process of rearranging much of our house in order to come up with a better work area for me (and the kids) wherein, besides all my other work, I can deal with the less creative side of Art Land. Moving kids from one room to another, an office out of the kitchen to a former bedroom, a craft room out of the dining room to the work area…dealing with the computer that just crashed as I was just bloody typing this! Dealing with Ty’s computer which crashes just to have some exercise…aaaarrrrggghhhhhhh!

So, for now, I’ve got some scans Ty left me…I’m gonna put them up. See what happens next…


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