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Ty’s been madly scripting away (hint: it involves Twitter, and yet he doesn’t once twitter) so he had no time to pick pages to scan last week. Although, at one point, while hunting around for an old contract to check some details he found two boxes of old artwork (yes, this happens a lot around here).  Once again, he was completely surprised to find work he’d thought was long gone…  He showed me much of it but I was on day one or two of a migraine and I only absorbed brief images:  I remember a couple of Batman Adventures covers (which he’d been absolutely convinced he’d sold), including all the #1’s he’d done (ie, for The Batman Adventures, The Batman and Robin Adventures, etc).  Let’s see…there were lots of Mad Dog, Powdered Toast Man (including a page featuring Powdered Toast Man’s buttocks which didn’t see print).  And many more Mike Parobeck pages (of Elongated Man) than he’d remembered owning. And some more of his Walter Foster, “How to Draw” pages…including Catwoman.

But, for today, Ty was reminiscing about the old days doing Justice League International…when he took over from Kevin Maguire, and Issue #24 was a double issue, introducing Ty in the front half, and saying sayonara to Kevin in the back.  Ty’s pages involved a story with Maxwell Lord.

And, he’s scanned a bunch of Amanda Waller pages from Issue #27.  I’m putting them up here for now…will sort them out into a gallery page later.

The Maxwell Lord pages are $50/USD; Amanda Waller pages are $100/USD. All pages are pencilled by Ty Templeton, inked by Joe Rubinstein.

(If you’re interested in purchasing a page, check out pricing and shipping info, then email us at:

Justice League International, Issue #24, page 3



Justice League International, Issue 24, page 4




Justice League International, Issue 24, page #6



Justice League International, Issue 27, page 2



Justice League International, Issue 27, page 13



Justice League International, Issue 27, page 15

There’s more from both these issues…I’ll put those up tomorrow.


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3 responses to “New Pages

  1. Many of these JLI pieces are some of the best you have done, Ty. It is great to see these resurface in their original form.


    Steven G. Willis

  2. Cool – I really perked up when you mentioned those boxes – thanks for dropping that Catwoman pages were uncovered!

  3. Travis Pelkie

    Oh my, Elongated Man, Powdered Toast Man, and Mad Dog pages? I gotta save me up some money to buy one of them. Ay yi yi, that’s some comics goodness.

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