Reviews for Marvel’s Age of Heroes

Found a couple of quick reviews of Age of Heroes, mentioning the one-pager Ty did with Dan Slott:

Over in Robot 6, CBR, Tim O’Shea says,

“Kurt Busiek back in the Marvel universe is a nice treat–his take on J. Jonah Jameson as politician in the Age of Heroes #1 (of 4) is as good as Mark Waid’s (that’s a compliment). He even gets to write the Avengers for a second. This issue also has Paul Cornell & Leonard Kirk on a Captain Britain & MI:13 two-pager (anyone else think there might be a miniseries with this team down the road? I hope so). And while it’s only a one-pager, anytime Dan Slott and Ty Templeton team up on anything I am happy.”

From Random Thoughts,

“Age Of Heroes #1- Another anthology book. This mini takes a focus on characters instead of titles. There is a great Kurt Busiek story about JJ Jameson’s reaction to the Siege aftermath. Paul Cornell gets a love letter to his Captain Britain & MI 13 series and there is a funny one page Spidey story by Dan Slott and Ty Templeton…”

IGN Comics, Age of Heroes #1 Review,

“…Dan Slott reunites with Spider-Man/Human Torch artist Ty Templeton for another jaunt with Spidey. This story is a mere one page, unfortunately. It’s an amusing and well-rendered take on the Heroic Age through the eyes of poor ol’ Peter Parker. But again, it’s only one page long.”


One response to “Reviews for Marvel’s Age of Heroes

  1. It is no surprise to fan’s of Ty that the one page he contributed to in this book is one of the best pages in the whole book.


    Steven G. Willis

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