Animated Harley and Ivy, sort of…

I know I should wait for Christmas, but I only just saw this today.  My friend Elise Archer (Harley Cosplayer Supreme) tweeted, or posted, or did whatevah one does with animated gifs, so I repost it here…with a thanks.

It’s the cover for a Christmas catalog I drew from about ten years ago.  (The only time I’ve ever actually drawn Harley Quinn for any publication, oddly enough) But it’s been animated much more recently than that.

Fun, what shows up online.

Ty the Guy

(Ty’s memory is shot–all the LDS he did in the 60s-he’s drawn Harley a couple of times.  But this was the first!–kts)

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2 responses to “Animated Harley and Ivy, sort of…

  1. The only improvement is to add audio: “Feed Me!”


    Steven G. Willis

  2. It’s kind of hypnotic. I am a chicken…I am a chicken. Where is Derren Brown when you need ‘im?

    Ty, Guy, the

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