New Pages…

are coming at some point. Really. It could happen.

Ty went looking for a pile of pages to scan so I could put them up today–and realized that he had started putting boxes and boxes of artwork into the newly emptied/soon-to-be-a-workspace room.  So, he thought that he would just sort them–how long could it take?

It probably didn’t help that two of our three cats tried to help him out (I think they were afraid that the piles might fall off of the bed he was using as extra workspace–the three desks currently in there, weren’t enough for all the categories he’d come up with). It also didn’t help that there were so many pages.  Or that every time he found a cool page or one he’d forgotten about he would come downstairs to find me and give me the whole history of the project (people might now be sensing why I’m behind on a few of my projects).

But after a couple of hours, a lot of cursing at the cats, some allergy medicine (old pages are dusty!), he had them all sorted. He came down with a confused look on his face and said that he’d been sure he had much more of some of the projects than he’d found.

Then he went back down to his studio…where he found the rest of the boxes. Or so he thought–because when he went to check the room where he stores his comic collection, he found several more boxes filled with pages.

He’s trying to convince me that “we have so little artwork left!” but all I can see are the stacks and stacks in my formerly pristine office-to-be.

Here’s hoping he scans a really BIG pile…


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One response to “New Pages…

  1. And all of us cat owners know that the fuzzy little beasts have to directly and physically inspect every piece of paper we are about to pick up and/or read.


    Steven G. Willis

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