New Workshops

For those who’ve asked…

Ty will be teaching a new workshop, beginning June 21. It will be Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp Part 2. In order to enrol in this course, you have to have completed Part 1 at some point, through Max the Mutt Animation School (taught by Ty at night–none of the day courses are equivalent to this)  or the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop.  He packs an amazing amount of information in each of his three hour classes, and you need it all! Ty has found through past experience that it really isn’t possible for someone to do this course without the background of the first.

So, if you’re a Part 1 survivor, and you would like to learn more…contact Walter Dickinson at Toronto Cartoonists Workshop for more information, and he can let you know if he still has spaces available.


Just to get you in the mood for some learnin’, check out a vid

Comics Rock! with Ty Templeton

3 responses to “New Workshops

  1. You are kinda making it sound like:

    We know we were there with you in Abu Ghraib but now we want to you come again.

    We all know Ty is much more fun than that…


    Steven G. Willis

  2. Heya

    I got hit with an internet award, Kreativ Blogger. It’s intended as a viral meme and I’m expected to spread it to seven other creatives I find worthy of such. I figure you’re easily in my top seven!

  3. My cheque is literally “in the mail”. Can’t wait for Bootcamp 2!

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