Saturday Morning Cartoons

No need to check your calendars or finely crafted digital watches my friends, for it is Saturday Morning, and time for your faithful webcomics to arrive at your e-door.

"As regular as a bran muffin and as funny as a crutch!"

We pay our artists nothing and laugh in their faces when they beg for scraps.  That’s what a free webcomic means.  And now, the further adventures of…


And just because it’s GENRE day here at ART LAND, I make fun of Noir.

Ah, the pointlessness of solving life’s mysteries.  It’s funny because it’s bleak.

That’s it for the BunToons this week, join us next week, when I write and draw something IRONIC for a change, and I do so while wearing a wetsuit and wrestling a fish.


Go HERE to read last week’s Bun Toon: BIG HAT DOG!

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2 responses to “Saturday Morning Cartoons

  1. Is there no reasonable way, except by acknowledging the allure it has to women, that a man can be engrossed positively with anything from Jane Austen?


    Steven G. Willis

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