It’s Saturday, and you know what that means?  You can get drunk before noon and your boss can’t complain.  Unless you work Saturdays, and you’re not a wine taster or something like that.  Regardless, Saturday mornings ALSO means it’s time for FREE WEBCOMICS from Ty the Guy.

Through rain and sleet and snow, nothing shall stay me from my appointed rounds!



Now this:

I forgot to list the latest comic with my work in it last week.

AGE OF HEROES #2:  It’s out, and I’ve only got one single page story in it, written by my pal DAN (the man) SLOTT.  But if I don’t promote it, who will?  Other than the million dollar promotion machine at Marvel, I mean.

I drew a teeny bit of this. On sale now.

That’s it for today.  I’ll see you soon, perhaps tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’m off to see that TOY STORY thing.  I hear the dancing puppets are funny, and I’ll let you know how it turns out.


Last Week’s Bun Toon is HERE.  The first appearance of the now-world-famous EVERTT MANN: FREELANCE PROTAGONIST, as well as THE EXISTENTIAL PRIVATE EYE.  Why aren’t you clicking yet?

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  1. Droll throughout, then two mystifying last panels.

    Doesn’t matter. Great to have some new Ty Templeton to chomp on!

  2. Ah Paul, droll and mystifying is my inscrutable way. I’ve amassed an embarrassingly minor fortune with just that one-two punch for decades (too much Andy Kaufman and Kurt Vonnegut in my diet growing up, I think). And there’s tons more of that slightly off-putting combination by clicking the WEBCOMICS button up top, or by popping back here every Saturday.

    Ty the Guy.

    PS: For readers who might not know, Paul Chadwick is one of the ten greatest comic book writer/artists of all time, and his creation “CONCRETE” is arguably the best thing to come of the 80s Black and White boom. I defy anyone to read Concrete graphic novels, and not instantly fall in love with every word and brush stroke.

    Paul’s blog is here:
    and according to it, he’s about to publish NEW Concrete stories and a series with (a former one-time collaborator of mine) Harlan Ellison. The words “CANNOT WAIT”, do not do my impatience justice.

  3. Heh. Not sure how you can slag Jonah Hex–you know the odds are that you’ll see it and love it! You are the only person I’ve ever met who thought Judge Dredd was “the best comic book movie ever”.

  4. At least none of them found Cyndi Lauper on any of the Fritos.


    Steven G. Willis

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