Saturday Morning Cartoons! YAY!

It’s A.M. on the Weekend, so you’re stuck with another webcomic, poor sods.

Keeping the internet entertained for over a hundredth of a century.

Normally, my little web-toon efforts are in colour, since the printing doesn’t cost extra, but today’s true story is best told in black and white.  Every word of this conversation was written down verbatim, within five minutes of it happening.   This tale has been in my sketch book for a while, and friends have suggested I share it with a larger audience.

It’s been a while, but I still think about this guy from time to time.

That’s it for today, web-crawlers.  See you soon with new pages for sale, a new “TOP SEVEN”, perhaps a space cow or two, a couple of new covers I’ve done,  and a bunch of new HOVERBOY toys and magazines that I found this week, including a RARE PULP cover, never before seen online!


Last Week’s Bun Toon.  Look to the Taco Chip and see the face of THE KING of KINGS!

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16 responses to “Saturday Morning Cartoons! YAY!

  1. We don’t see this side of you very often. Thanks for sharing it. Well done (both in comics form, and in real life).

  2. Clowny Princess

    Thanks for sharing that story. Kisses.

  3. Profound things happen at two in the morning. Great story.

  4. Hey Ty, Great story man.
    I wish more people thought like you,
    Its really not okay to commit suicide.
    Such a horrible thing..
    I lost my cousin to it just last month..
    Wish she could’ve seen this..

  5. Thanks for the kind words, folks. I feel odd accepting any compliment for what is a verbatim conversation simply written down, but it did involve drawing, so I suppose there’s that. My sketchbook is literally FILLED with “honest to god true adventures”, somewhat like an illustrated diary. I don’t tend to air them in public, but judging from today’s response, perhaps I should. (They range from the profound, to the profoundly silly…)
    Ty, Guy T.

  6. I used to be a lot more manic/depressive than I am now. Being happily married tends to bring a good calmness to one’s life. But as depressed as I got back in the day, I never thought to kill myself. Maybe my early exposure to E.R. Burroughs and his heroes who always believed where there’s life, there’s hope.

    • There’s far more at play in suicidal people than a lack of heroes, though I admire your sentiment very much.
      Isn’t it strange when it IS your hero that kills themselves. I vividly remember when Keith Moon, John Belushi, Wally Wood, all punched their own tickets. Wally, I can understand, he was physically ill, and facing the end, but I’ve still never gotten over wanting to punch Belushi in the mouth. That asshole killed one of my favorite comedians.

      Ty the Guy

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  9. Bravo.
    Fiffe alerted me to this tale and it’s great, poignant, and makes a man think.
    Thanks, Ty!

    • Thanks Dean.

      Just in case there’s ignorant savages lurking on this board, that letter was written by Dashing Dean Haspiel, one of the coolest creators of Wonderful Webcomics, Harvey Pekar Picture Stories, and Blistering Batman Adventures in the land. HEY WAIT, that’s the same stuff I do! How did we get stuck on the same damn bus so many times?
      Google his name, and bathe in the fun that is his brain, you’ll come back later and thank me.
      Ty the Guy

  10. Simplicity, honesty, and great talent is a beautiful combination to behold. I loved the strip. A long time ago I once felt so insanely horrible that I tried to kill myself by taking an entire bottle of aspirin–but after the first two I felt much better.

  11. Great story, well written…I cant believe you do these as quickly as you do…Friday night inspiration indeed. I vote you do more of these touching annecdote-y type strips.

  12. Still carry this one in my wallet.



  13. I certainly remember that I made a copy for you. It’s nice to you know you still have it, but now you can print out one that’s WAY easier to read.

  14. Great short story you created, Ty. Wonderful example of how perceptions vary for each person in the world, even bunnies.


    Steven G. Willis

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