Just a lightning quick post today…

I just finished a pinup I was asked to do for the exciting Heroes of the North web series featuring back-bacon eating superheroes in the frozen lands of maple syrup, French Inuit casinos, year round hockey and free health care.   This is of Pacifica…a speedster  like the Flash (only with a rounder bum, and says “eh” when she talks, unless she’s French, then she says things Americans can’t understand, so you don’t need to know).

Check out their way-cool website, Heroes of the North (which has a fun trailer to watch, I dare you not to be entertained!), and their frankly fabulous  Facebook page, which includes many of their other swinging superheroes!  MON DIEU!

Ain’t photoshop blur tool grand?  I haven’t been this proud of myself since I skull clubbed a G-20 rioter yesterday.

And while you’re here, scroll a bit down this page for the Saturday Comics, I’m fairly proud of this week’s entry, as well.

Ty Le Guy

Clearly proud to a fault.

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7 responses to “Pacifica

  1. The retro-Canucks striping is pure genius, but how can someone run super-fast in chunky six-inch platforms? I imagine in addition to superspeed, she also has superhuman balance and a nigh-invulnerable (adamantium?) Achilles tendon!

    • Utterly, fully, completely agree with you, I’d never run in those heels. But I’d also wear a skirt…something with a lovely hem and perhaps a floral print. But in an earlier version of the sketch, that pose…the “come hither, whilst I look over my shoulder at ya” pose…looks off-model without the heels stretching out the legs. I was leaning a little more into the good girl art theme, and less into the plausable footwear theme.
      But I would absolutely fight crime in the four inch heels, hell yeah. If it’s good enough for Gene Simmons to rock out, it’s good enough for me to bust protester heads.
      Ty Le Guy.

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  4. That was you with the club? Man! That still hurts.

    Just kidding. I was the lucky guy that won the contest that gave Pacifica her name. Just wanted to say I love the art work and I am looking forward to getting a copy when they do the promo run in the summer.



  5. These examples of Pacifica show that sexuality and allure are not dependent upon “what you show” but rather what exactly you don’t show…


    Steven G. Willis

  6. thanks for the information your provided

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