I’ve drawn a couple of Wonder Woman stories, and she’s shown up in my Justice League comics, so me and the Princess have personal history.

This is the wallpaper on my computer screen - smug, self-loving man that I am.

I was also exactly the right age to have fallen deeply in love with Linda Carter when Wonder Woman was on the air in the Seventies, and have NEVER gotten over that.  AND, I’m fairly friendly with Gail Simone and her lovely and talented husband.  So I get a little Wonder Woman cred, and I’m here to say nice things about the new direction.

Everyone has been trashing the new costume, mostly because it’s a lot less flashy, and it’s not the iconic Wonder Woman we all fell in love with.

But if we were all so in love with her and that costume, why weren’t we buying her comic every month?  And why isn’t there a big budget Wonder Woman Warner Brothers movie? Or a Saturday morning cartoon show?

Because we don’t really love her, do we?  Not the way capitalists want us to love our icons…by BUYING things.  We just love the idea of her.  Women dress up like her on Halloween–

Apparently, these women are famous.

As is Heidi Klum.

I recognize Kate Beckinsale, but don't know who the guy is.

Wonder Woman is second only to “the sexy nurse” as the most popular costume for women, I promise you.

And people like to point to her as one of the “BIG THREE” characters that have never gone out of print since the Golden Age.  But neither of these facts sells issues of the comics today and buys movie tickets tomorrow.  A fondness for an iconic costume, an old TV series and a long history of past success is nothing compared to the need to keep the character moving, fresh, modern and relevant.  Nostalgia ain’t sales.

DC wants what’s best for the Princess…it’s their job.  And what they’re doing is a perfect example of  “Genre Twisting” –  a tried and true way of waking up a moribund franchise.  James Bond does it,  Batman does it, Captain America does it- EVERY successful franchise does it, or it collapses dead.

Remember me?

What “twisting” is, is specifically taking THE most basic aspect of a character or genre, and removing that, for a time.  James Bond loses his “LICENSE TO KILL”,  Batman loses his ability to walk.  Captain America looses his shield.  Superman loses the battle for truth, justice and the American Way, Spider-Man loses his costume, Green Lantern loses the ring.  Hell, Marvel completely rebooted their entire Universe with the Ultimates, and then rebooted that Universe again last year with a massive death flood.

By changing THE most basic aspect of a character, you create new possibilities and new expectations from the audience, or more correctly, you abandon old expectations.  For the first time in a little while, you DON’T know what’s coming next in a Wonder Woman comic, because if they’d take away her iconic COSTUME, they might do anything…and that’s intriguing.  So the  audience comes back to the thing that was once just a pleasant memory or nostalgia, to see what’s going on with it…to see what ELSE the creators muck with.

Sure, it’s a gimmick, but if you tell the curious new audience stories that are ANY good, they’ll stick around for a while, and you’ll earn those new sales that just showed up to see what you’d done to their childhood memory.  And if the stories aren’t working and the audience abandons you…


Trust me.  They’ll put it all back.


Enron accounting got us to this number, but close your eyes and go with it.

Now, I just read the issue that introduces the new outfit –  #600  went on sale a couple of days ago.

First off:  The book is primarily a nostalgia piece, as most anniversary issues are.  There’s a touching Gail Simone/George Perez curtain call for the excellent era of the late eighties when Perez was running the show near the top, and there’s some fun pin-ups and short stories about aspects of the character all through.  And of course, the requisite T&A, where appropriate.

The new costume in action.

But the most important part of the book was the introduction to the story we’ll be getting in the next year or so…the new costume, and what seems like a completely new reality to Wonder Woman’s environment, for now.  It’s the PERFECT bit of tease, with just the right amount of fun and mystery to encourage you to pick the next issue.  We’re giving glimpses of things, a sense of magic (important in Wonder Woman), a fun bit of ass-kicking in the new costume, and a promise that more will be revealed next month.  I wished this particular story was longer…which is the feeling the editor wants you to have.

So, the new direction is exactly the right call.  It’s not the costume I’d have designed, but it’s exactly the same editorial decision I would have made.

Good luck, Princess.  I for one, will be back next month to see what’s up with all this.
And now, because it’s my blog, and I can do what I want…we’ll end with a few  shots of women I find ALMOST as attractive as my wife, in Wonder Woman costumes.

First: Rhona Mitra, from Boston Legal (amongst other things)

WAY better than the sexy nurse costume.

And now, Megan Fox.    I suspect this might have been photoshop work, but I’m trying to figure out how to care.

Someone slap my eyes back into consciousness.

Ty the Guy OUT!

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  1. Aside from the jacket, I really don’t mind the new costume. As much as we all enjoyed watching Wonder Woman trounce evil in a star-spangled strapless one-piece bathing suit, it couldn’t have been very practical. Also, bruising your initial into someone’s forehead when you punch them is a nice calling card.

    When I saw the picture of Daredevil above my first reaction was “Christ, when did they screw up Captain Britain’s costume?” until I noticed the “DD”. Horrendous! Are changes like these usually initiated by the writer, artist, editors or some combination of the three?

    • In my experience, changes this big come from editorial meetings. Most writers and/or artists want a stab at redrawing costumes as a way of making their mark. Most editors say no. I wasn’t at the meeting, but I imagine it came from editors first, and then the creatives went to work. And yeah, the DD costume is one of the worst ever. Didn’t last very long.

  2. I agree with you, Ty. For some reason, people seem to think I want this to fail, when absolutely, I want Wonder Woman to succeed. Nearly every recent writer has asked to change the WW costume and we’ve all been turned down, so JMS will have more freedom and I’m hoping for huge things for our princess.

    And my husband IS talented and lovely, he says so all the time!

    • We all want her to succeed. I’d rather not see her go the way of Captain Marvel, or the Shadow, or Plastic Man, or other popular characters from the golden age that have just sort of run out of steam.

  3. Seriously, Wonder Woman should get a new outfit every year. Warner Bros. should get a big-name fashion designer to say he or she created it, and there should be a publicity campaign around the annual unveiling of the new design. Why should Wonder Woman have to wear the same pair of boots every day for 40 years? Ladies like to have variety in their shoe closets.

    Barbie is a trademark that has changed *constantly* since its inception, but it’s still instantly recognizable. And Barbie gets widespread attention in the press whenever she changes significantly. Wonder Woman should be allowed to have just as many wardrobe options. The tiara, the lasso, and the bracelets are the constants; anything else can change, and she’ll still be identifiable as Wonder Woman.

  4. I’d add the colour scheme as well…that red, yellow and blue, which Jim Lee DID stick to, albeit in a darkened pallette.
    But your idea of having major designers work on her look…? I’ve been espousing that for years. I should have added the thought to my post. Marvel had a major designer do Mary Jane’s wedding dress, and even invited the cast of Project Runway to guest star in an issue of Models Inc.

  5. It is great to see finally, in my opinion, even the princess changing costumers. I think it was tactfully and artfully done and is worth the effort for fandom.

    Megan Fox doesn’t hurt the storyline, either…


    Steven G. Willis

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