SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS YAY! (More like noon, I had computer troubles)

No longer Long Weekend Saturdays! And your faithful servant is still here!

Here we go again, with another exciting episode with EVERETT MANN.    CAUTION:  Satire ahead.

That’s it for today.  See you next week, for more stuff that will get me branded an anti-Semite and shot at by the corporate censors, man.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here’s LAST WEEK’S BUN TOON. It got over twenty thousand hits, and all without actual nudity.  WHAT I KNOW ABOUT LOVE.

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8 responses to “SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS YAY! (More like noon, I had computer troubles)

  1. Oh, great. There goes corporate sponsorship for the annual Art Land Parade.

  2. Don’t worry, BP has stepped up as a sponsor, and the parade will continue as scheduled.

  3. Hi Ty
    How great you are. When I grow up I wanna be like you.
    Tomás Morón
    Comic, illustration, cartoons, concept art, storyboard and many more.
    You can see more of my works:

  4. Oh great. My tea just went up my nose from snickering. Snicker so HARD!

    • You shouldn’t be having a Snickers first thing in the morning. A Snickers is an afternoon snack, to get you through your day.

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  6. Was it not to be a Palestinian bunny in the last panel that takes care of the 213 in progress?


    Steven G. Willis

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