ReVamp: Elseworlds Special

Just looking around and sprucing up a few things around Art Land. Revamped the Elseworlds Special page when I added the two pages from the last week in to the mix.

Here ya go…

Elseworlds Special

The famous, the infamous banned Elseworlds Special.  Seen only in Ireland, pulped everywhere else.  The story of the pulping actually features as an article in Wikipedia (and a heckuva lot of gossip and speculation all across the web).  Here’s a site with all the pages in colour

The first page with Batman, in the Garden of Eden, has been sold.  The last shown, another Batman page, is not for sale.  The others are around, somewhere.  If you’re interested, drop us a line. (

And here, some of the black and white art done for the issue.

If you’re interested in purchasing a page, check out pricing and payment info, then email us at:

All pages are 11″ x 17″ on board, pencilled and inked by Ty Templeton                    $300/USD each

Teen Titans:



The Metal Men:




The Flash




Wonder Woman:




2 responses to “ReVamp: Elseworlds Special

  1. Paul the Curmudgeon

    The early Silver Age rocks — insipid though it may have been (thank you, Comics Code), it was the last gasp of America’s pre-revolutionary culture, the last moment when the Greatest Generation was in charge of culture for kids, and there’s an agreeably silly, good-natured glamour about it that even parody can’t help treating with affection. (Though your Metal Men, I suppose, recalls DC of the immediate postwar period rather than the Silver Age). Wrap your mind around the phrase “good-natured glamour”; today it’s an oxymoron, but it wasn’t then.

  2. So, with Lex Luthor being the father of Wonder Woman, does that not make him official “King Lex”?


    Steven G. Willis

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