Saturday Morning Harvey Pekar Tribute Part 2: In Comic Form

Saturday comes round and I get to fire another shot of brain waves and line drawings directly into the heart of the internet.

I'm just not quittin'

As everyone knows by now, the great Harvey Pekar passed away this week.  I think the proper send-off is a comic story.  That was Harvey’s way.

Glad to have known you, Harvey.  Extra glad to have worked with you.

Such a flattering portrait I did for his 70th birthday.

Ty the Guy OUT!

For last week’s BUN TOON, another exciting adventure in the life of EVERETT MANN: FREELANCE PROTAGONIST: go HERE.

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4 responses to “Saturday Morning Harvey Pekar Tribute Part 2: In Comic Form

  1. Paul the Curmudgeon

    A great memory – glad you shared it!
    Maybe I didn’t find Harvey’s manner off-putting because I grew up in a part of town where EVERYONE talked kinda like that? (Morgan’s Corners, Ontario, aka Bathurst Manor).

  2. Very very moving, Ty.

    I’ve just finished reading through some of your work with Harvey this morning, the stuff collected in ‘Another Day’ and ‘Another Dollar’. Love your art on ‘Whatever Happened to Your Parents?’ and ‘Free Association’!

    Glad to have found you online too – I’ve been a Ty fan since ‘Batman Adventures’! I’m blogging about Harvey all this week, hope you can check it out…

  3. However personal and direct or not, everyone’s memory of Harvey seems to be so clear in the mind. It was part of the gift I think Harvey carried through his life.


    Steven G. Willis

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