New Mike Parobeck Pages

I got a couple of scans out of Ty this afternoon…he’s up to his neck with the usual deadlines (he has a script he’s desperately trying to get finished but got pushed aside by two days of teaching; deciding to write one tribute and write/pencil/ink and letter a second one to Harvey Pekar; and having to spend a tiny bit of time acknowledging the family when we got back from a brief vacation yesterday).

He hasn’t answered my queries as to price yet (I’m actually emailing him as he sits in his studio in the basement! I’m only two floors up! But, he’s locked his door and is “incommunicado” at the moment, as he tries to get some writing done) so I’ll that information when I get it.  But if you’re interested in these pages, you can check out the pricing and shipping info, and email me/us/him at I’ll let you know the price, and you can decide if you’re still interested…  First come, first served…

First up is a page from Elongated Man #3, page 19

11″ x 17″, on board, pencils by Mike Parobeck, inks by Ty Templeton



Second is a page from the Justice League Quarterly, #5, page 11 of story #2

11″ x 17″, on board, pencils by Mike Parobeck, inks by Ty Templeton

That’s it for now…

I’m off to flat some pages for some other crazy artist…


5 responses to “New Mike Parobeck Pages

  1. Wow. Parobeck was so great. I love the way Dibney’s head is curling into that first frame.

    If only I had some spare cash…

  2. I’m hoping that’s his neck curling into the frame, or I’m going to be sick. Yeah…wasn’t Mike the best? I’ve still never completely forgiven Mike for passing away, the selfish bastard.

  3. scott (the other one)

    God, Mike’s stuff was just so strong, structurally. And your inks really bring out something special there. Awesome combo.

  4. The JLQ piece is really wonderful.


    Steven G. Willis

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