The Batman-Singing Pug

It’s been a little hot up here in Canada-land, which I think is the only excuse for this…  Normally, Ty’s not a big one for “funny” YouTube videos but I played him The Pug who yells “Batman” and he smiled.  Then, I played him the mash-up (of course, there’s a mash-up) by Bex Schwartz and he laughed ’til he had tears streaming down his face.  Then, while dazed by all the laughing, he said, “You’ve got to link to those in Art Land!”

So, here ya go…funny videos on the interwebs, recommended by Ty the Guy.

The Pug who yells “Batman”



and The Mashup “Batman Pug Theme Song”






One response to “The Batman-Singing Pug

  1. Wait, wasn’t there an image of the holy mother Mary in the “pows” of one of those punches?

    Wait, maybe it was in the nose print of the Pug…


    Steven G. Willis

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