New Comics Day

If you’re in your local comic shop today (for those of you not currently heading towards the San Diego Comic Con, you lucky lucky overheated dogs), look for Age of Heroes #3. It’s the third of the one-pagers drawn and inked by Ty Templeton, written by Dan Slott. Cover by one of our fellow Canadians (and all-round nice guy), the immensely talented Yanick Paquette.

Could it be? YES! It's Squirrel Girl--a favourite character for both Dan and Ty.

Here’s a quick little sum-up from Marvel.


(yep, it’s all me at the moment…Artist-Boy is still sleeping. I think he stayed up all night watching Batman-Singing Pug over and over again.  I am not completely kidding.  And–“Teddy Almond Turtle”? Seriously? Who names their dog that? Even an incredibly cute, obviously talented dog?)

5 responses to “New Comics Day

  1. Used to love reading the Slott-Templeton two-pagers in ‘Batman Adventures’ vol 2. Will definitely check this out!

  2. Ak! We’ve been diminished! Those were FIVE pagers in the back of Batman Adventures. You’ve cut us down to size! The TWO pagers Dan and I did were in the Great Lakes Avengers specials!
    Glad you liked us in any sizes, though…

    • Oops! Obviously time I went back to those issues and had a re-read. That was a great run though, Ty. The writing was great, the art was great, the continuing storylines were compelling… And I loved those FIVE pagers! Damn it, so sad there were only 17 issues, and you never got to finish your Red Hood storyline.

      • Ah, but I’m currently promoting the Red Hood movie premiere in Toronto, so the Hood and I are never too far apart.

  3. Funny that half of the time Squirrel Girl is drawn she is in pretty much the same pose.


    Steven G. Willis

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