Saturday Afternoon Comics! YAY!

It’s still morning in Hawaii, and Alaska.  Hell, it’s just after noon in San Diego, and that’s where everyone in comics is right now, so NYAH!  No one’s online who might read this anyway.

Ripped from today's headlines.

Ah…how can you not love the pageantry of American Cable News?

I’m back to work on other stuff….much coming up to show you and announce in the coming days, but give a guy a moment to get some of it done, willya?

Ty the Guy OUT!

For more of my cartoonish nonsense, here’s LAST WEEK’S BUN TOON.  A tribute to the late Harvey Pekar.

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5 responses to “Saturday Afternoon Comics! YAY!

  1. Only the one comment?

    Well I likes it!

  2. Thanks, Richard.
    No one loves a Shirley Sherrod joke more than you.

  3. Farce is always needed with American politics!


    Steven G. Willis

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