LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Sure you could do your own websearch on “Ty Templeton”–but now, I’m saving you all that effort. (Imagine the dilemma–do you Google? Would Bing be better? Really, which one will find the most Templeton for your entertainment?)

Here’s where Ty’s name popped up on the ‘net in the last week…


Tuesday July 20

Creating Comics Tips 1:  Perfecting Prologues from Comic Book Daily

Two-Face Tuesday ReRun from Live Journal:  about_faces


Thursday July 22

SCDD ’10 Marvel announces Strange Tales II (Updated) from Robot6, Comic Book Resources (this was an update on a previous posting. The first announcement hadn’t included Ty’s name; I think the asst editor had spoken to him just the day before about the assignment.)

Alan Moore rejects the rights to Watchmen from The Comics Cube


Friday July 23

Peeking Under the Red Hood:  Reviewing Batman and Picking Ty Templeton’s Brain from NerdGirl Pinups


Saturday July 24

Batman Under the Red Hood Review from This Week in Geek

Drawing Harvey’s Head from Squeezegut Alley


Sunday July 25

Batman:  Under the Red Hood Review from Recreational Gamers

One response to “LAST WEEK on the ‘net

  1. Ahhh, you have found a wonderful use for Google Alerts.


    Steven G. Willis

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