Saturday Morning Bus Stop Comics! Yayy!

Damn that calendar and its relentless devotion!  It’s Saturday Morning AGAIN!

The toons! The toons! (Said in a Colonel Kurtz voice)


My kids pointed out that the funniest thing about this strip is the  young person reading a book.

And now, because I demanded it, another of those cartoons and comics I did back when I was a teenager, hoping to get a job at Playboy, or the New Yorker.

You can never go wrong with a joke about hat envy.

I drew that when I was about sixteen, and was going to re-draw it, using the  far less embarrassing level of skill that I currently possess, but the wife thought it was okay as it was.   And I did promise a while back I was going to force some of these ancient cartoons on you from time to time….the inevitable has caught up to us all.

And finally, because I stole the idea from The Daily Show without any sense of intellectual property rights–

Here now,  your COMIC BOOK moment of ZEN.

That’s it for today.  See you tomorrow (as the blogging goes back to being regular – like a man on high-fiber Metamucil).


PS:  Last week’s BUN TOON is here!

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5 responses to “Saturday Morning Bus Stop Comics! Yayy!

  1. In order: Clever. Amusing. OMG! WTF?! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Hey, ya do what ya gotta do, y’know?

  3. I always thought Archie and Reggie were secretly gay and Betty and Veronica were their beards. Based on his style, I think V’s dad was totally queer for Archie Andrews’ goods. I suspect Jughead and Moose were complete man-whores, too.

    Do I even have to bother Googling this to see if the jokes/porn already been made?

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  5. I think googling “Kindle” and “iPad” would be helpful…


    Steven G. Willis

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