Saturday Early Afternoon Comics YAY!

It may be early afternoon in Toronto, but it’s still morning in parts of Canada…damn the relentless ticking of that infernal clock.  If I didn’t have to sleep, I could get SO much more done.

You cannot escape the toons. I will find you, and cartoon in your yard!

-TRUE STORY:  Years ago, I was at a comic-book documentary movie premiere with Art Spiegelman (as well as many other cartoonists) and someone asked Spiegelman who would win in a fight between Superman and Jesus, and Art replied “Two Jews fighting?  Nobody wins.”

You may break up into discussion groups, to determine which answer works better.

(The Blasphemy Collection continues:  Hulk vs. The Buddha and Batman vs. The Beast of the Leviathan)


Here now, your COMIC BOOK moment of ZEN

For more opportunities to sue, be offended, or look at last week’s Bun Toons (Bus Stop Funnies) go HERE.

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10 responses to “Saturday Early Afternoon Comics YAY!

  1. That’s obviously the modern era Supes. The Silver-Age Superman would totally kick all three of Jesus’s asses.

  2. Okay…the yellow S is missing from the cape, the red S takes up the front of his entire shirt, and he’s got a neck like a thyroid patient in the last throes of muscular gigantism. Which era Superman is that?
    Ty The Guy

  3. Wasn’t it the “Superduperman” era of Superman?

    That’s what I thought of right away. Nice work.

    But did God cheat? That’s not fair. Although granted, since He didn’t create Krypton (right? I missed that theology class), he can gang up on Supes like that.

  4. I fully confess, the Super-duper-man era is my favorite Superman – or at least tied with Curt Swan’s. I thought I was doing Wood’s Supah Dupah a shout out with the loose fitting shorts, but going back to look at it later today, I noticed he had the tightie-reddies on. (It’s Batboy and Rubin that had the loose Bermuda pants on). Still, it’s the prancing and slightly insane smile that puts one in the mood. The roots are never gone.

  5. The sneaks for the upcoming stories give the best visuals in the mind…


    Steven G. Willis

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  7. Paul the Curmudgeon

    I have to admit, Ty, that I was seriously worried about you there. I mean, all my liberal friends tell me that Christian (or for that matter, Jewish) fundamentalists are every bit as dangerous as Muslim fundamentalists. You know, The Handmaid’s Tale and all that. So, when you did this Supe-and-Jesus thing, I had awful visions of death threats, riots, boycotts, diplomatic protests, and worst of all, several days’ columns by Haroon Siddiqui. Um, I take it that none of this happened?

    • Not only did none of that happen, but we got a fairly high readership for that toon. A thousand more hits than the toon the next weekend (about the American health system). It’s possible it’s because Jesus beat Superman that we didn’t have complaints. I think if Superman had been “bigger than god” and beaten up the savior, we’d have had the flood of hand wringers. Next week, I’m thinking of actually drawing Hulk vs. Buddha, and see where that takes us. It’s not like Buddhists are ever trouble…they only set themselves on fire.

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