Holmes Incorporated: The Shameless Plugging Begins

As many regular readers of the blog know, I have been teaching comic book scripting and illustration at the  TORONTO CARTOONISTS WORKSHOP and after some months of being up and running, we’re putting out our first comic book, created entirely by the workshop gang.

It’s called…

…which is an idea that I’ve had kicking around for a few years, and I’m tickled to see it make it into print.

The stories feature the descendants of the Holmes family,  in the year 2010.  In the many decades since the Master Detective died, back in 1935, the great-grandchildren of Sherlock, Mycroft and Watson, have managed to keep their family together for generations, serving King, Queen and country for nearly a century, as the agents of HOLMES INC.

Some GORGEOUS Sherlock Holmes character studies by contributor Alex Greychuck

The first issue, a HUGE 52 page extravaganza (just like in the Golden Age) will be heading for the printers quite soon, so I’m getting the final pages from the contributors quite regularly now.  And I’m going to give you guys a sneak peek over the next few days of everyone’s work.  You’ll have to come to the FANEXPO Canada ( in Toronto) to buy a pre-release copy of the book, then it will be available online for the world to get their grubby hands on it.  Until then, you lucky ART LANDERS get the first reveal in human history of these soon-t0-be classic stories.  And it happens RIGHT NOW!!

Sneak Peek #1: A couple of preview pages by Christopher Yao (artist) and Greg Dunford (writer) from the first story in the book.

Promise yourself you’ll remember this day as the day you first laid eyes on the work of tomorrow’s superstars!  Now for a lovely page two.

What the…?  He’s breaking in…?  You’ll have to get the issue to see the rest of the story.    And there are EIGHT (8) big stories in this first issue, each SEVEN (7) pages long, so the A-quality entertainment simply won’t stop coming.  Neither will these previews – you’ll be getting another tomorrow.   And if you look closely at the preview coming up in a day or so, you might notice a certain bunny doing the inking chores.


Here now, your COMIC BOOK moment of ZEN

7 responses to “Holmes Incorporated: The Shameless Plugging Begins

  1. Atrwork looks really wonderful on Holmes, Inc. I look forward to snagging a copy as soon as it is available online.


    Steven G. Willis

  2. Great to see this finally coming to fruition!
    Not the hugest Holmes-buff, but I thought 221B was Holmes’ apartment and the building address was 221 Baker street. I’m fully prepared to be incorrect here.

  3. Love the concept. Looking forward to the upcoming story-lines!

  4. This looks superb. Can’t wait to pick up a print copy!

  5. @ Richard. You are correct, the apartment that Holmes and Watson shared (for a while) was at 221 B (called 221 and 1/2 in SOME of the stories). In our story, the HUGE building is the headquarters of Holmes Inc, and that address is 221 Baker… and the museum is housed in the old building, still entered through the original doorway to Mrs. Baker’s apartments at 221 B. You caught us going into detail, but not making a mistake. No no-prize for you.
    PS: Loved your tribute to Mike ‘Ringo today. I still get pissed about him and Mike Parobek…

  6. I’ve been eagerly awaiting news on this project, Ty. It looks great! I’m a sucker for stories that play around with the Holmes mythos like this. Looking forward to more previews and to getting a copy once it’s out. I’ll definitely review it on my site.

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