More Exciting New Comics …by the Guy

I’ll get back to promoting HOLMES INC. a little later, but right now, I’ll promote some of my other, why-I-am-always-busy releases.

…Wednesday, August 18 look for Marvel’s Age of Heroes #4, with the last of the one-pagers I drew over a Dan Slott script.  It’s not the first time I’ve ever drawn Steve Rogers (my favorite Marvel Character) but it’s the first time I’ve drawn him in the new Spiffy Super Soldier outfit, which they DON’T use on the cover…sigh.

So, run out to your local and buy fifty copies, and Marvel will assume the sales jump is because of my one-pager and promote me to E.I.C.

Wait!  There’s more!   Moonstone has put online the cover for Northern Guard (starring Johnny Canuck) number #2, drawn by Jason Edmiston.  Interiors by tomorrow’s superstar, David J. Cutler, and scripted by your humble correspondent.  (Also lettered and coloured by your humble correspondent’s main squeeze girl!)   The cover is so pretty, I burst into tears when I first saw it, so get out your hankies, ’cause here it comes!

Ain’t Jason the Find of the Century?  Well, the century is fairly young yet, but he’s in the running! (and just to remind you of the goodness that is Jason, here’s the cover for Northern Guard #1).

I’ll be showing off the cover and another story from HOLMES INC. tomorrow…who says this isn’t the Templeton Age of Comics?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Comic Book Moment of Zen

4 responses to “More Exciting New Comics …by the Guy

  1. That is a sweet cover.

    Jason’s stuff is all sorts of great!

  2. Teeth marks in the leather thong, compliments of Batman. I guess to each their own…


    Steven G. Willis

  3. Fantastic cover, but it’s a shame it had to be cheapened by the inclusion of a Habs jersey. Hopefully, the sheer awesomeness of polar bears and fur bikinis can counter it!

  4. Not cheapened…it cost twenty thousand dollars to buy the rights to the NHL logo….and from the sounds of things it wasn’t worth it. Sigh…
    (actually, I’ve had a few people tell me that the Montreal jersey is a more recognizable symbol of Canada than the maple leaf flag, and that was the point in the first place.)

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