Hulk vs. the Buddha. Saturday Comics YAY!

Ha! You thought you'd gotten rid of me! No such luck.

It’s the fight of the Century.  The fight of the Millennium.  The fight of the Saturday Afternoon.   You might want to wear protective eye-gear, as the forces about to be unleashed are awesome in their power.  Behold!

I should note that the phrase “Boot to the head” is used with permission.  Well, not with permission, actually, but I do know The Frantics, and I’m sure they’d give me permission, were I polite enough to have asked.

I was considering doing Mohammad vs. Wonder Woman next week, but my mother says I’d probably be killed. Best to stay cowardly.

Last Week’s makin’-fun-of-health-care toon is HERE.  And Superman vs. Jesus is HERE.  And don’t forget to check out all the wonderful Holmes Incorporated goodness by heading to the THIS page and starting from there.

(**And Batman vs. The Beast of the Leviathan is HERE)

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your comic book moment of zen.

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10 responses to “Hulk vs. the Buddha. Saturday Comics YAY!

  1. Mr. Templeton, I’ve been a fan of your work since you JLI days (your Amanda Waller kicked SO MUCH ass), and I didn’t think it was possible for me to love your work more, but Stupid Happy Fat Man just made it happen.


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  3. Stupid Happy Fat Man is there to spread love. Well, he’s there to teach us to lose our ego, and end suffering by joining with the universe in a sense of universal one-ness, but that’s sort of the same thing.
    Ty the Guy

  4. Love this!

    Sooner or later some pedantic turd is going to point this out, so it might as well be me. The fat guy isn’t THE Buddha. He is a folk Buddha who is known by several names, such as Hotei or Budai. Totally common misperception. Learn more here:

    A deep bow to you,


  5. Since this fellow is discussing meditating on love and beauty (which is not what meditation is about, really) and puts his boot to Banner’s head (which is not what buddhism is about) he’s clearly a character of fun, not of education. Had the story been called Hulk vs. Hotei, it would have confused, rather than amused, and I was going for the silly laugh, not so much the educated one. I have read up on Buddhism somewhat, and know what you’re mentioning, but could not assume anyone else reading it would have. I’ve long held the philosophy that a joke’s first duty is to be funny. But, thanks for the link, and I hope folks do check it out.

    I also bow back to your buddha nature.
    Ty the Guy

  6. So how soon for us to see Hulk vs. Buddha tattooed on someone’s back?


    Steven G. Willis

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  8. Ty, you’re assuming no one who reads this will know the difference between Gautama and the Hotei????

    Hulk smash you for thinking your audience uninformed/stupid.


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