LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Monday August 16

August 18th 2010 Releases Featuring Canadian Creators from Joe Shuster Awards

New Courses and Location for the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop from The Labyrinth

Down, Down and Near from Drawings for Humans

Spider-Man/Human Torch #1 (March 2005) from Comics Fondle

Wednesday August 18

Spotlight:  LEONARD KIRK from Toronto Cartoonists Workshop

Thursday August 19

This Week’s Comic Stacks from    Random Thoughts

Random Retro Comic Review from Brave New Worlds

Friday August 20

Bio from J.S. Longstreet’s Thoughts

InnerSPACE:  Graphic Novels from Space

Sunday August 22

“Hulk vs. Buddha” from theworsthorse

Hulk vs. Buddha from The Reformed Buddhist

The Name Stig–Its meaning and use around the world from Mirota Batik

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