The KEVIN FAN. Saturday Morning Toons!

Try to escape the power of the Bun Toon! It's hopeless! You're all trapped!

I’m off at the FanExpo convention all weekend, pushing the Holmes Inc. book and sketching for the comics peeps.  But I’ve saved a True-Life Adventure to share with you from a convention from years past.  Another factual story pulled from a sketchbook, every word of this is verbatim from the original conversation.  Read on…if you DARE!

Of course, darn near everyone I’ve ever met at a convention was the nicest person evah!  This story is from many years ago, precisely because it’s been so long since I came across someone this rude.  But we all get ’em sometimes, and it’s best to laugh, or there’d be too many arrests.

See you at the convention!  ( Remember that I’m at P66A in Artists’ Alley, or from 2-4pm at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop booth #4009.) Or see you online!

Go here for the epic Hulk vs. Buddha fight!! And here for Superman vs. Jesus!


Here now, your comic book convention moment of zen.

5 responses to “The KEVIN FAN. Saturday Morning Toons!

  1. Title even implies Kevin has only one fan… Just providin’ food for thought.


    Steven G. Willis

  2. Oh, LOL!

    I really feel for you guys sometimes.

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