LAST WEEK in Art Land

Monday August 23

The Bobby Bomber Strikes!

Tuesday August 24

The Countdown Begins…..3…..

Wednesday August 25

T-Minus TWO DAYS and counting.  Holmes is on the way!

Thursday August 26

5…4…3…2…ONE!!!  Holmes Incorporated on sale TOMORROW!

Friday August 27


Going, going…GONE!!

Saturday August 28

THE KEVIN FAN! Saturday Morning Toons!

Sunday August 29

LAST WEEK on the ‘net

2 responses to “LAST WEEK in Art Land

  1. Great picture Ty. You look like your the head of the scientogist branch or somemat. Thanks again for everything.

    • I assume the photo you’re referring to is the one where I tried as hard as possible to have no expression on my face. It was difficult to do, as my wife kept threatening to lift her shirt in the middle of the con…but I do not break! I will not break!

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