LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Monday August 23

2010 Fan Expo Canada Fact Sheet:  (Comic Book Expo Incl. Programming) from Joe Shuster Awards; and the same again from The Beat, The News Blog of Comics Culture

Fan Expo – The Premiere of Holmes Incorporated and the Craft of Azzarello from Comicanuck

Tuesday August 24

New Sherlock Holmes Inspired Comic…HOLMES INCORPORATED from Newsarama Forums

The C-List — Sequential:  Canadian Comix News and Culture

NEW SHERLOCK HOLMES inspired comic…HOLMES INCORPORATED from First Comic News

Age of Heroes #4 from Scans Daily

Wednesday August 25

TCW STudent Publication Debuts at Fan Expo!!! from Toronto Cartoonists Workshop

Hands down the coolest thing I have done to date from Can’t Stop Drawing

“Knuckleheads’ comic-book series has sitcom feel” from Nerdage

Thursday August 26

Bard Attitude:  Why Kill Shakespeare is both Fun and Literary from Graphic Novel Reporter

The upcoming comic weekend from Joe Shuster Awards

You are NOT the Black Panther from The Comic Connoisseur

HOLMES INC is Here! from The Nerd Vortex

Friday August 27

Fan Expo 2010 – Part 1 from neeya

Saturday August 28

Flippin’ Through Previews–September 2010 from Comic Book Resources

28.August.2010  Fan Expo 2010 Day 2 from Sequential: Canadian comix news and culture

Sunday August 29

30 Days of Scans (Day 13) Favorite Artist from Scans Daily

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